Trademark Basics
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 Understanding Trademarks
A "Trademark 101" primer, discussing trademark selection, registration and enforcement.

 Nontraditional Marks
"Nontraditional" marks may consist of product designs or configurations (also referred to as trade dress), colors, scents, sounds, tastes, touch and motions.

 Collective Marks and Certification Marks
Learn about these special types of trademarks that may be used by particular groups or that indicate particular characteristics or qualities.

 Proper Use
Highlights the classic do's and don'ts of trademark use and provides illustrative examples of how to use marks properly to ensure that rights are maintained.

 Funeral for a Brand: How Trademarks Become Generic
Discover how and why existing trademarks can lose their significance as brand names.

  Trademarks Matter in Business! Here's Why…
Highlights the importance of protecting trademark rights like any other valuable business asset.

 United States Trademark Registrations: Principal Register vs. Supplemental Register
Addresses the similarities and differences between the Principal Register and the Supplemental Register and the implications of those similarities and differences on the value and protection of trademarks.

 Madrid Protocol
Outlines the benefits and risks, as well as some basic strategies, when filing under the Madrid Protocol. 

 Global Protection and Enforcement of Trademarks
Steps companies should take in developing a global trademark registration program, with respect to selection, registration and protection of marks. 

 Security Interests in Trademarks: United States Perspective
Discusses the process of creating, perfecting and enforcing security agreements between trademark owners and lenders in the United States.

 Overview of Advertising Law
Outlines the major areas of advertising law to be mindful of when promoting trademarked goods and services.

 Use of Trademarks in Domain Names & Domain Name Disputes
Reviews domain name basics and domain name dispute resolution through UDRP and ACPA.