US State and Unfair Competition Law
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U.S. State and Unfair Competition Law
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U.S. State Trademark and Unfair Competition Law

Explanatory Outline

View or print the annotated Table of Contents showing the subjects covered in each state, along with an explanation of what each section covers.

Ways to Search

U.S. State Trademark and Unfair Competition Law is an online INTA members-only benefit. The online version takes the place of INTA's longstanding two-volume print title.

To access a state profile, first click "Enter" on the bottom of the product home page. Now select a state from the drop-down menu and click "Search."

Each state profile is navigable in either of two ways: 1) using the bookmarks, found on the left-hand side of the page, to navigate to the specific information you are looking for within the state; or 2) using the search field to find occurrences of a term or topic of interest. These are both explained in greater detail below.

Search Using the Bookmarks

You can scroll through the state profile bookmarks (Table of Contents) on the left-hand side of the page and select the section that you are interested in. When you click on the section, you will navigate to that section on the main part of the screen.

Search Using the Word Search Field

Type a single word, or a string of words, into the search field located in the center of the toolbar at the top of the page. You do not need to enclose the term in quotation marks. To the right of the search field there are two arrows. Click the arrow that is pointing right to find the next occurrence of the word or term in the document. Click the arrow button that is pointing left to find the previous occurrence of the word or term.

You cannot restrict your search to a particular section, but if you know which section in particular you would like to search in, you can navigate to that section first, using the bookmarks (see above), and then begin your word or term search.


U.S. State Trademark and Unfair Competition is updated twice annually. Each update covers half the states, so that each state is updated annually. The reference material is also updated annually. You can find the "Last Updated" date for each state at the top left side of the first page of each state profile.

Printing and Copyright

You can print a state profile by clicking on the attachments icon (the paper clip) on the lower left side of the page view. This will print the complete state profile. You must print from the attachment, not the original PDF.

Users are permitted to provide copies of particular state profiles to clients in response to their queries for such information. A copyright notice will automatically print at the end of each state profile when you print it using the attachment function described above. Please note that this permission applies only to duplication or transmission of portions of the contents of this work and does not extend to duplication or transmission of the entire contents by any means.


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Technical Questions

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