Volunteer Awards
Membership and Committees
Volunteer Awards
2006 Volunteer Service Award

Advancement of Trademark Law

William Seiter (Seiter & Co.—Santa Monica, California, USA) chaired the East Asia and Pacific Subcommittee of the Legislation and Regulation Committee, which handled legislative issues in several countries and dealt with proposed amendments to the Canadian trademark regulations, the Chinese Unfair Competition Law and the Korean Trademark Act.

Advancement of Committee or Subcommittee Objectives

Mark Kudlacik (CheckMark Network—Hoboken, New Jersey, USA) was chair of the Service Firm Subcommittee of the Member Services Committee, leading the effort to benchmark Association benefits offered to service firm members and developing a new exhibition assignment process.

Susan Brady Blasco (Birch, Stewart, Kolasch & Birch LLP—Costa Mesa, California, USA) and Stephen Bullock (Stone, Pigman, Walther, Wittmann & Hutchinson LLP—New Orleans, Louisiana, USA) were recognized for their contributions as co-chairs of the Academic Services Subcommittee of the Member Services Committee. Ms. Blasco was the driving force behind the academic course given at the Annual Meeting. Mr. Bullock led the professor and course database project team, as well as those of several programs formerly run by the INTA Foundation.

James McCarthy (McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff—Chicago, Illinois, USA) and Joseph Norvell (Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione—Chicago, Illinois, USA) received the award for their work in conceptualizing and administering the Young Practitioners Subcommittee. They benchmarked the needs of young practitioners and implemented a mentoring program while handling other projects.

Advancement of the Association

Tiki Dare (Oracle Corporation, formerly Sun Microsystems—Menlo Park, California, USA) was recognized for her efforts in spearheading INTA’s industry training seminars for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and speaking for the EU’s Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM).

Zhen (Katie) Feng (Lovells—Shanghai, China) served as the volunteer editor of INTA’s first non-English periodical, the Chinese-language Bulletin. She provided guidance on how to optimize the publication for trademark professionals in China, developed articles and oversaw translation.