Volunteer Awards
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Membership and Committees
Volunteer Awards
2009 Volunteer Service Award

Advancement of Trademark Law

Marion Heathcote (Davies Collison Cave—Sydney, Australia) is a champion of indigenous rights in her own country, Australia. Faced with the challenges of protecting indigenous rights, Marion devised successful solutions and has advocated their widespread adoption.

Adam Scoville (RE/MAX International, Inc.—Denver, Colorado, USA) was chair of the Whois Subcommittee of the Internet Committee, leading two important efforts on behalf of INTA: he supervised the submission of the Association’s response to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Notice of Inquiry on ICANN’s performance under the Joint Project Agreement, and he coordinated the Internet Committee’s comments on the ICANN Implementation Recommendation Team final report.

Advancement of Committee or Subcommittee Objectives

Mary Beth Besler (Lewis and Roca LLP—Phoenix, Arizona, USA), served as the chair of the Young Practitioners Subcommittee of the Membership Services Committee, organized the inaugural Next Level Forum held in New York City, and oversaw the launch of several Young Practitioner Receptions.

Glenn A. Gundersen (Dechert LLP—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA) developed the proposal for the widely successful Next Level Forum, recognizing a growing demographic within INTA: young and mid-level practitioners.

Advancement of the Association

Peter W. Becker (Microsoft Corporation—Redmond, Washington, USA) strengthened relations between INTA and governmental trademark offices and participated in both the INTA-UPSTO and the INTA-OHIM Industry Training Seminars in 2008.

Karina Dimidjian-Lecomte (Casalonga Avocats—Paris, France) and Kelly McCarthy (Sideman and Bancroft—San Francisco, California, USA) were recognized for their joint efforts and tremendous success in advancing student membership and involvement at INTA.

Iris V. Quadrio (Marval O’Farrell and Mairal—Buenos Aires, Argentina), guided the formation and leadership of the Latin America Council, managed the Association’s interaction with trademark offices, supported numerous legislative initiatives and built partnerships with IP organizations throughout the region.