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Volunteer Awards
2016 President's Award

Ingrid Desrois (posthumous)

Ms. Desrois was an active member volunteer, mentor, and Association leader for over 18 years. One of her most notable contributions to INTA was organizing government official trainings at the European IP Office in Alicante, Spain. With Ms. Desrois’s support, the government officials training program expanded considerably to ultimately become its own committee. In the years to follow, Ms. Desrois continued to enhance and expand the program. She served on a number of other committees during her career, including on the Historical Committee, Trademark Office Practices Committee, Executive Committee, and on INTA’s Board of Directors from 2000-2003.

Sadly, Ms. Desrois passed away in April 2016. INTA is pleased to be able to celebrate her dedication and commitment to the advancement of trademarks through this award.

David Fleming

David Fleming, Brinks Gilson & Lione (United States) has volunteered for INTA in various capacities for close to two decades. Over the years, Mr. Fleming has served on the Board of Directors, the CEO Search Committee, The Trademark Reporter® Editorial Board, co-chair of the 2007 Annual Meeting and, during the 2014–2015 committee term, as counsel to INTA.

During his tenure as counsel, Mr. Fleming provided insightful guidance on a number of first time challenges for the Association, ranging from major changes made to the New York State non-profit law for the first time in over 40 years and their impact on Board procedure, to the application of changing laws with regard to INTA’s China Representative Office. Mr. Fleming also oversaw the Governance Review Presidential Task Force, which ensured that INTA’s revised Bylaws are compliant with the new laws and contained those matters that are fundamental to the structure and organization of INTA. The Task Force also developed a new and evolving Code of Policies that provides transparency to all members on the operational policies and procedures of the Association.