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Volunteer Awards

Volunteer Awards

President’s Award

The President’s Award recognizes individuals who over the course of their career have made outstanding contributions to INTA and to the trademark profession.

Tomorrow's Leader Award - NEW in 2017!

In its first year, INTA’s Tomorrow’s Leader Award will recognize two outstanding young practitioners for their early leadership merits in the IP industry. The award was established to strengthen the recipients’ professional and personal development and raise their visibility as tomorrow’s leaders within the trademark community.

Volunteer Service Awards

Subcommittee chairs, committee members and non-committee volunteers—such as authors and meeting speakers—are eligible for INTA’s annual Volunteer Service Awards. Nominations come from committee chairs and vice chairs, Board members and INTA staff. Association officers then select the winners.

Advancement of Trademark Law: Recognizes individuals whose efforts during the year have led to the advancement of substantive trademark law and practice.

Advancement of Committee or Subcommittee Objectives

Advancement of the Association: Presented to individuals who have most notably advanced the objectives of INTA outlined in the Association’s Strategic Plan.

Pro Bono Legal Services by an Individual: Awarded to one or more individuals who have shown a significant commitment to providing trademark and related intellectual property pro bono legal services.

Pro Bono Legal Services by a Member Organization: Awarded to one or more member organizations that have demonstrated a significant development or expansion of programs for providing trademark and related intellectual property pro bono services during the previous year.



 President's Award


 Volunteer Service Awards