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Unsolicited Communications

It has come to INTA’s attention that individuals and companies have been contacting Annual Meeting registrants for a variety of unauthorized purposes, including unsolicited meeting requests and offers to obtain our registrant list. This is being done without our permission—and we apologize for any inconvenience it has caused recipients, and we encourage recipients to contact us with any complaints so that we can take appropriate action.

Our members and other registrants value their privacy and do not wish to be contacted with unsolicited business communications via email or other means. Moreover, this practice is in violation of INTA’s Data Policy. INTA has a strict policy which prohibits use of registrants’ contact information for resale or for the purpose of sending unsolicited electronic communications. In addition, INTA does not authorize any company to distribute or sell lists of registrants for the Annual Meeting or other Association events. 

Our policy is clearly posted on our website, including the policies section of the Annual Meeting microsite. We are repeating it below: 

It is the policy of the International Trademark Association (INTA) that all information contained in the INTA Membership Directory and the INTA Annual Meeting Registrant Directory is entrusted to registrants for their personal use only, and use of this information for any other purpose, such as unsolicited electronic communication, is expressly prohibited.  The same applies for the unauthorized sale or distribution of information obtained from our Registrant Directory. Violation of this policy may subject the member to sanctions up to and including revocation of INTA membership. Should you be aware of any violations of this policy, please report the issue to

We appreciate your compliance with this policy.

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