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How Do I Exhibit at the Annual Meeting?

The Exhibit Hall is currently sold out. If you wish to add your organization to the waitlist, please contact Paula Lee at

View the BCEC floor plan.


January 17, 2019 Exhibit Booth Application is Open 
February 13, 2019 Exhibit Booth Application Deadline 
February 28, 2019 -
March 8, 2019
INTA's Booth Assignment Notifications 

As an Exhibitor, you will benefit from a wide range of promotions to maximize your investment. Each 10' x 10' exhibit booth space includes the following: 
  • A 50-word Exhibitor profile and product description on the INTA Website.
  • Recognition as an Exhibitor in the online Annual Meeting program with a link to your organization’s website. 
  • Three (3) Exhibitor registrations:
    • Exhibitor Registrations includes access to all educational and social functions (including the Welcome Reception and Grand Finale).
    • Exhibitor Registrations can only be assigned to employees of the exhibiting organization. 

Booth Package

Each 10' x 10' booth will be set with 8' high gray and white back drape and 3' high gray side dividers. Booths 300 square feet or smaller will receive a one-line identification sign. Booths larger than 300 square feet may receive a one-line identification sign upon request.

The Exhibit Booth Package does NOT include hard walls, booth carpet, furniture, tables, chairs, electricity, floral arrangements, telephone, Internet, plumbing, or specialty lighting. These items are available for rent through Freeman Decorating Company.

2019 Exhibition Pricing

 Member Exhibit Booth Pricing with Booth Registration

 Booth Size Price (US Dollars)  Total Registration
 10' x 10'
(1 booth) - inline booth
 $3,100  3
 10' x 20'
(2 booths) - inline booth
 $6,000  6
 10' x 30'
(3 booths) - inline booth
$8,400  9
 20' x 20'
(4 booths) - island booth
$10,700  12
 20' x 30'
(6 booths) - island booth
$15,000  18
 20' x 40'
(8 booths) - island booth
$18,900  24
 20' x 50'
(10 booths) - island booth
$22,000  30
 20' x 60'
(12 booths) - island booth
$26,400  36

Non-Member Exhibit Booth pricing with Booth Registration

 Booth Size Price (US Dollars)  Total Registration
 10' x 10'
(1 booth) - inline booth
 $4,100  3
 10' x 20'
(2 booths) - inline booth
 $7,800  6
 10' x 30'
(3 booths) - inline booth
$11,100  9
 20' x 20'
(4 booths) - island booth
$14,000  12
 20' x 30'
(6 booths) - island booth
$19,800  18
 20' x 40'
(8 booths) - island booth
$24,700  24
 20' x 50'
(10 booths) - island booth
$28,800  30
 20' x 60'
(12 booths) - island booth
$34,600  36

Cancellation Policy

Any notice of cancellation of exhibit space by an Exhibitor must be made in writing to INTA. 

If an Exhibitor cancels its exhibit space after February 28, 2019, the Exhibitor will forfeit the Exhibition Fee. If INTA is able to resell the Exhibitor’s exhibit space, INTA may, in its sole discretion, refund or credit some or all of the Exhibition Fee.

How do I reserve a hotel room/additional events?

You must register your booth personnel before they can reserve a hotel room or add any events to their registration.  

Exhibit Hall Venue

The Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (BCEC)
415 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02210

Exhibit Hall: Hall A

Exhibit Hours

Sunday, May 19, 2019…………….. 10:00 am–4:00 pm
Monday, May 20, 2019……………. 10:00 am–4:00 pm
Tuesday, May 21, 2019…………… 10:00 am–4:00 pm
Wednesday, May 22, 2019…………10:00 am–2:00 pm

Exhibitor Move-In

Friday, May 17, 2019 ………………. 8:00 am–5:00 pm
Saturday, May 18, 2019……………. 8:00 am–5:00 pm* 

*All booths must be show-ready by 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 18.

Hand-Carry Policy: Carrying Items into the Exhibit Hall

Exhibitors may hand-carry their own items; however, Exhibitors are not permitted to take items through The Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (BCEC) loading dock. Anything that comes through the BCEC loading dock must be handled by Freeman Decorating Company and is subject to material handling charges. In addition, as a result of union regula¬tions, each Exhibitor is permitted to hand-carry only one item into the Exhibit Hall only if the Exhibitor can do it in one trip without the use of any dollies or motorized equipment.

Exhibitor Move-Out

Wednesday, May 22, 2019………… 2:00 pm–6:00 pm*
Thursday, May 23, 2019…………… 8:00 am–12:00 pm

*Early dismantling is not allowed. Exhibitors who tear down before 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 22, 2019, will lose all Priority Points and will be subject to a fine of $250 per 10' x 10' booth space. 

Exhibitor Agreement & Rules and Regulations 

Click here to view INTA’s Exhibitor Rules and Regulations.

In purchasing an exhibit space, each Exhibitor agrees to adhere to all conditions and regulations outlined in the Exhibitor Agreement & Rules and Regulations document.

The Exhibitor shall at all times during the Event observe and comply with INTA’s Exhibition Rules and Regulations (the “Exhibition Rules”), as may be updated from time to time. INTA shall have sole authority to interpret and enforce the Exhibition Rules and to make any amendments thereto as shall be necessary, in the sole judgment of INTA, for the orderly conduct of the Exhibition. The Exhibitor further agrees to comply with the Exhibition Rules and with all applicable laws, ordinances, and regulations. All matters and questions not specifically covered by these rules and regulations are subject to the decision of INTA, whose decisions will be final. The Exhibitor agrees to accept and abide by such decisions. 

The Exhibitor will be held responsible for any damage done by its employees or representatives to the Event venue. INTA reserves the right at any time to prohibit or remove any exhibit, display, device, or part thereof, or prohibit the exhibit, display, device, or promotional material that, in INTA’s opinion, is not suitable to or in keeping with the mission of INTA. 

Exhibit Booth Assignment

Exhibitors are assigned booth space based on “Priority Points.” Each organization is allocated one Priority Point per year of exhibiting. Exhibitors do not select their booth space. INTA reserves the right to make the final determination of all space assignments in keeping with the best interests of the Exhibition.

INTA Priority Points System Guidelines

Tier 1 Exhibitor: 15+ years’ exhibiting at the Annual Meeting
Tier 2 Exhibitor: 5‒14 years’ exhibiting at the Annual Meeting
Tier 3 Exhibitor: 0‒5 years’ exhibiting at the Annual Meeting

INTA calculates accumulated Priority Points for all previous years exhibited. Your organization is awarded one (1) Priority Point for every year your organization has exhibited at the Annual Meeting. Tier 1 Exhibitors will be assigned exhibit space first, based on their Priority Points.

Placement is also determined on the date the application was received. 

Consideration will be given to applicants that are INTA members.

In the case of a tie, the date on which the application was received with full payment will dictate the order of the space assignment selection. 

If your company elects not to participate in any given year or cancels, ALL Priority Points are forfeited. 

An Exhibitor that merges or acquires another Exhibitor’s space will assume the higher of the two (2) (or more) Priority Point totals. Priority Points will not be combined.

INTA will deduct Priority Points for infraction of rules and regulations (e.g., not completing setup on time, dismantling earlier than closing time, etc.

Organizations should be aware that prime space is typically assigned to organizations that have a longer exhibit history. 

INTA reserves the right to assign space to an Exhibitor and/or rearrange the floor plan and/or relocate any exhibit at any time before or during the Exhibition. 

INTA does not guarantee that an Exhibitor will not be placed next to a competitor.

Exhibitor Kit-Reference Only

The online version of the exhibitor kit for the 2019 Annual Meeting will be available in February 2019.

Click here to view Freeman Exhibitor kit.

Service Contractor Contacts:

275 Bodwell Street
Avon, MA 02322
Phone: (508) 894-5100 

(800) 995-3579 US & Canada or +1 (512) 982-4187 Outside the US or +1 (817) 607-5183 International Shipping Services or fax (469) 621-5810 or email

Take advantage of discount pricing by ordering online at by Wednesday, May 01, 2019. 

If you need assistance with FreemanOnline, please call our Customer Support Center at (888) 508-5054 Toll Free US and Canada or +1 (512) 982-4186 Local and International.


Warehouse Shipping Address:

Exhibiting Company Name 
Booth #
C/O Freeman
25 Doherty Ave
Avon, MA 02322

Freeman will accept crated, boxed or skidded material beginning Tuesday,  April 23, 2019 at the above address. Material arriving after Friday, May 10, 2019 will be received at the warehouse with an additional after deadline charge. Please note that the
Freeman Warehouse does not accept uncrated freight (loose, pad-wrapped material and/or unskidded machinery), COD shipments, hazardous materials, freight requiring refrigerated or frozen storage, a single piece of freight weighing more than 5,000 pounds or
a single piece of freight beyond the dimensions of 108” H x 93” W. Warehouse materials are accepted at the warehouse Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Certified weight tickets must accompany all shipments. If required,
provide your carrier with this phone number: (508) 894-5100.

Please Note: The warehouse will be closed on Friday, April 19, 2019 in observance of Good Friday and on Monday, April 22, 2019 in observance of Patriots’ Day. Shipments will not be accepted on these dates.

Show Site Shipping Address:

Exhibiting Company Name 
Booth #
C/O Freeman
Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
415 Summer Street
Cypher Street Entrance
Boston, MA 02210

Freeman will receive shipments at the exhibit facility beginning at 8:00 a.m. on Friday, May 17, 2019. Shipments arriving before this date may be refused by the facility. Any charges incurred for early freight accepted by the facility will be the responsibility
of the exhibitor. Certified weight tickets must accompany all shipments. If required, provide your carrier with this phone number: (508) 894-5100.

Please Note: Any materials received by Freeman are subject to Material Handling Charges and are the responsibility of the Exhibitor. This also applies to items not ordered through the Official Show Vendors. Refer to the material handling form for
charges for the service. Please be aware that disposal of exhibit properties is not included as part of your material handling charges. Please contact Freeman for your quoted rates and rules applicable to disposal of your exhibit properties.

Exhibitor Insurance

An Exhibitor must obtain exhibition insurance through its own insurance company to cover its personnel, exhibit material, and equipment for the duration of move-in, show days, and move-out, including public liability, property damage, fire and theft, etc.

• Certificate of Insurance and Liability: An Exhibitor is responsible for general liability insurance against injury to persons and property of others in its stand, along with its exhibits and machines to and from the show and during the show.

The Exhibitor acknowledges and agrees that its participation in the Exhibition is solely at the Exhibitor’s own risk. An Exhibitor who hires a third-party contractor for the installation of its booth should first check to make sure that the contractor has insurance coverage. 

Exhibitors shall obtain general liability, property damage, and fire insurance of not less than $1,000,000 combined single limits at the Exhibitor’s own cost and expense. International Trademark Association (INTA) must be named as coinsured with limits of liability of at least $1,000,000 combined single limits, including bodily injury, property damage, fire, and theft. Proof of such coverage shall be furnished to Paula Lee ( no later than Monday, April 3, 2019.

Plan Your Own Event

Below you will find the link to the “2019 Annual Meeting Plan Your Own Event” in Boston, Massachusetts.

Any and all corporate, law firm, sponsor or exhibitor meetings, social events, or hospitality suites to be held at any location in Boston (including hotels, museums, restaurants, social clubs, etc.) should be reported to INTA.

AM 2019 PYOE: Form for hotels, restaurants and other venues in Boston.

Once approved, you may begin working directly with your preferred venue.

For assistance with venues around Boston, please contact Lisa Deveney with Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau at or Sean Gibbons with  TOCA Events at

 Booth Size Booth Space  Price (US Dollars)     Exhibitor Registrations
 10' x 10' (1 booth)   Inline booth  $3,100  3
 10' x 20' (2 booths)  Inline booth  $6,000  6
 10' x 30' (3 booths)   Inline booth  $8,400  9
 20' x 20' (4 booths)   Inline, island or peninsula  $10,700  12
 20' x 30' (6 booths)   Island booth  $15,000  18
 20' x 40' (8 booths)   Island booth  $18,900  24
 20' x 50' (10 booths)   Island booth  $22,000  30
 20' x 60' (12 booths)   Island booth  $26,400  36

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