Policy and Advocacy
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Policy and Advocacy
Legislation and Advocacy


INTA’s legislative and regulatory work globally focuses on supporting and advancing trademarks and related intellectual property as elements of fair and effective commerce. INTA advocates for brand owners by working with and educating officials from all branches of government. This includes working on legislative and regulatory initiatives as well as advocating for funding for relevant agencies to assist with the entire trademark process from registration to enforcement.

Counterfeiting is one of the most important issues INTA members face. INTA believes governments at the national and international level must strengthen anticounterfeiting laws and enforcement. Legislative, administrative and law enforcement bodies must cooperate more effectively to eliminate linkages between counterfeiting and organized crime and reduce the serious threats posed by counterfeiting to the health and safety of consumers, economies and national security. INTA supports the development and passage of legislation, regulations and trade agreements worldwide that increase national and international anticounterfeiting enforcement mechanisms.

In recent years, INTA has been working on solutions to challenges in the ability of Customs officials to share information with rights holders in order to identify the authenticity of detained products. INTA commented on the Interim Rules for Disclosure of Information for Certain IP Rights Enforced at the Border.

As the trend for trade negotiations continues, INTA, through its Model Free Trade Agreement (MFTA), has provided governments and their trade negotiators with guidance for incorporating desirable trademark provisions into Free Trade Agreements.

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