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Trademark Internship

Globalization and increasingly complex national, regional and international legislation make it important for both individuals with a vested interest in trademarks and trademark owners and firms to have broad exposure and experience. INTA offers the ability to post internships to facilitate the connection between students wanting enhanced international exposure to trademark law or trademark administrators looking for a new experience, and the corporations and law firms who need their abilities in the office. Differences in occupations, legal systems (civil versus common law) or language are all areas where interns can improve their knowledge. The internships provide a perfect opportunity to gain a new and better understanding of trademark law in different jurisdictions.

In addition to the obvious benefits to the interns themselves, internships also are very beneficial to the host organization. The host can learn from the experience of the intern in the same way the intern hopes to learn from the host, by gaining a new perspective on handling their trademark practice, and long-term professional relationships can result; which may benefit the futures or careers of both the intern and the host. In short, an internship allows interns and hosts the opportunity to broaden their knowledge base and open their minds to new ideas in a professional and hospitable situation.

Who might be interested in an internship

  • Law Firms, Corporations and Other Organizations
Law firms, corporations or not-for-profit organizations can gain a new perspective on trademarks and trademark law and receive valuable help from enthusiastic and knowledgeable interns, as well as from long-term relationships with individuals they would not have otherwise had the chance to meet or work with.
  • College, Law School and Graduate Students and Educators
Students at all levels with an interest in trademark law, as well as their instructors and professors, can have an opportunity to understand and apply their academic knowledge of trademark law to a “real world” setting and gain an international perspective on trademark law.
  • Attorneys
Practicing attorneys benefit from learning the local and best practices used successfully by other attorneys in different industries, fields and / or countries, as well as gaining a new experience and developing a personal and professional network with other trademark practitioners.
  • Trademark Administrators
Administrators, paralegals and other non-attorney trademark professionals can expand their knowledge on the way trademarks are handled in other settings, and by other attorneys, law firms and trademark departments. For example, they may find a new way to administer the day-to-day monitoring of a trademark portfolio.

Benefits to the internship provider 

  • Goodwill for the firm / organization, leading to possible increased recruitment opportunities in future
Each participating firm or organization increases its visibility in the trademark field and begins to build a bond with other professionals from around the world. This can result in potential referrals, the ability to recruit new professionals and recognition by the trademark community of the importance of trademarks to the firm or organization.
  • Cross-marketing, if the intern is an attorney or ‘soon-to-be attorney’
When the intern is an attorney or ‘soon-to-be-attorney,’ the internship provides the basis for a long-term relationship, allowing the host as well as the intern to have the opportunity to promote their legal services beyond their normal practice area.
  • Substantive expertise / exchange of knowledge – education working both way
Each country, each law firm and organization within a country, and each law firm and organization within a specific field, handles and views trademarks slightly differently. Thus, working in another organization gives both that organization and the intern a new perspective and the chance to obtain the expertise and knowledge of the other. Furthermore, the intern will be an additional resource to the internship provider.

Benefits to the intern

  • Networking opportunities
Many times the worldwide trademark community deals with issues outside of their country or location and the ability to network provides interns with the opportunity to not only learn, but also to know other trademark practitioners from around the world. This global network forms the basis for future assistance on disputes or cases the intern may encounter.
  • Cultural Benefit
Even in an ever shrinking world, there are significant cultural differences and the intern will have the benefit of learning about the unique characteristics of the culture to which he or she visits. These new cultural perspectives will be beneficial in understanding and applying cultural differences to the registration and protection of marks throughout the world.
  • Education
The intern will receive the benefit of new perspectives and new teachers without the necessity of returning to a formal educational environment.
  • Language Skills and “Seeing the World”
While INTA’s official language is English, and there are a limited number of official languages used at the Community Trade Mark Office (the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market [OHIM]), increasing one’s language abilities in different languages by actually interacting with native speakers is an opportunity which the internship uniquely provides.
  • Credit – Academic / Continuing Professional Development
It may be possible to obtain credit for an internship: either academic, continuing education or professional certification. The details of this arrangement should be worked out between the intern, the internship provider and the intern’s school or professional organization.