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Tish Berard3/29/2018 10:35 AMFrom the President0 ApprovedBoard of Directors; INTA Bulletin; Educational Programs and Conferences; ASEAN
Tat Louembe3/7/2018 1:35 PMAfrica0 Approved
Jean-Claude Darne3/2/2018 3:54 PMPrograms0 Approved
Jean-Claude Darne3/1/2018 12:01 PMCounterfeiting; Latin America0 Approved
Jean-Claude Darne2/26/2018 2:09 PMAcademics0 Approved
Rob Katz2/21/2018 2:59 PMEurope; Programs0 Approved
Tish Berard2/1/2018 12:32 PMFrom the President0 Approved
Laura Heery2/1/2018 9:45 AMCounterfeiting0 ApprovedCounterfeit; Counterfeiting; Unreal
Sophie Davies1/11/2018 5:50 AMCounterfeiting0 ApprovedUnreal; Unreal Campaign; Unreal Sponsorship Program
Kensey Cybul1/9/2018 9:53 AMAcademics0 ApprovedLadas Award; Ladas Memorial Award Project Team; Academic Committee
Jean-Claude Darne12/19/2017 6:25 AMEurope0 ApprovedMadrid Protocol
Sheila Francis12/14/2017 6:50 AM0 Approved
Isabelle Campbell12/12/2017 5:09 AMAcademics; United States0 ApprovedAcademic Committee
Debbie Cohn12/8/2017 6:47 AMEurope0 Approved
Tiffany Pho12/1/2017 4:39 AMCounterfeiting; Europe0 ApprovedAnticounterfeiting; EU Observatory for IPR infringements
Jessica Murray11/28/2017 11:06 AMPrograms; Europe0 ApprovedBrands
Okan Can11/21/2017 6:40 AMEurope0 ApprovedEuropean Union
Stuart Adams11/14/2017 6:19 AMCounterfeiting; Europe0 ApprovedUnreal Campaign
Joe Ferretti11/13/2017 1:53 PMPrograms; From the President0 ApprovedBoard of Directors; Leadership Meeting
Catherine (Clayton) Farrelly11/3/2017 12:21 PMMember Resources0 Approved
Scott Westfahl11/1/2017 9:16 AMUnited States; Programs0 ApprovedLeadership Meeting
Iris Gunther11/1/2017 6:38 AMPrograms; Europe0 Approved
Carol Steinberg10/20/2017 10:33 AMPrograms0 Approved
Simon Brown10/13/2017 4:57 AMPrograms; North America0 Approved
Laura Heery10/6/2017 8:23 AMEurope; Asia0 Approved
Lyonel Yu9/29/2017 11:44 AMMember Resources6 ApprovedMembership
Sarah O'Connell9/26/2017 6:52 AMPrograms0 ApprovedLeadership Meeting
Jean-Claude Darne9/19/2017 7:48 AMLatin America; Programs0 ApprovedColombia
Joe Ferretti9/14/2017 2:42 PMEurope; From the President0 ApprovedBelgium; Board of Directors
Jean-Claude Darne9/13/2017 6:43 AMLatin America; Programs0 ApprovedColombia; Programming
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