August 25
What Role Will Trademarks Play in the Future of Asia?

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The increasing importance of Asia on the world stage is anticipated by many to be the dominant theme of the 21st century. As economies in Asia play a larger role in world trade, Asian consumer markets will continue to grow and the region’s standard of living will rise. This rapid increase in consumer demand will create huge opportunities for branded goods and services both inside and outside of Asia. Successfully navigating this landscape of Asia’s diverse culture and geography in times of rapid economic change will be a complex and challenging journey for brand owners.

This was the topic of one of the specialized track of sessions with a “Focus on Asia” included in the 2014 Annual Meeting educational program. The panelists took the opportunity to explore a range of issues relating to trademarks in the future of Asia, including:

  • Whether the new wave of Asian brands will go global and what challenges we should anticipate.
  • How brand rights, in Asia’s environment of rapid change, can be effectively protected.
  • The major developments that have taken place in Asia’s registration systems, and how businesses can take advantage of them.
  • How recent changes in terms of enforcement in Asia, particularly in China, improved the situation for brand owners.

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The panelists met at the INTA TV studio in Hong Kong and filmed the following condensed version of their session: Trademarks and the Future of Asia.



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