May 29
Leadership Conversations – Vianey Romo de Vivar (Cervera & Romo de Vivar, S.C)

VRV imag 5.29.15.gif"Levanta tu mano, participa! (Raise your hand, participate!)" This Leadership Conversations podcast, brought to you by the Leadership Development Committee, features Vianey Romo de Vivar, Vice Chair of the Government Officials Education & Training Committee and member of the Education and Services Group (ESG) Council. In alignment with the international and diverse spirit of INTA membership, Vianey tells her story in Spanish, recounting how she discovered INTA fifteen years ago and providing valuable insider information on her quick rise to a leadership position.

Networking on a balloon ride? Making friends, clients or both? Vianey, speaking in her native language Spanish, gives her view on what INTA meetings are all about and discusses how mentoring, social and business opportunities arise naturally when one participates in committee work.
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This Leadership Conversation podcast is also available online here.



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