August 04
SMEs Receive Capacity-Building Training on Registering Trademarks in Nicaragua

As part of a European Union program in conjunction with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Development (MIFIC), Nicaraguan business leaders and entrepreneurs are receiving capacity-building training on registering trademarks. 

The European Union's delegations to Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama actively support the three governments through programs that empower their business owners to better understand and market their products internationally. This set of workshops is part of the SME Competitiveness Program, which strives to enhance business operations and promote the value of trademark-protected commerce. 

The workshops emphasized practical examples for understanding how to protect and enforce trademarks, as well as the rights and responsibilities bequeathed to trademark owners. The planners of the program designed these workshops to answer all possible questions and concerns of local business owners with regard to trademarks. 

This program will help new trademark owners navigate the world of intellectual property and empower them to maximize the benefit of trademark registration. Be sure to read the full report online

For more information about INTA’s activities in Central America, contact INTA’s Latin America representative, Gabrielle Doyle,



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