October 23
INTA meets with Shanghai IP Courts

An INTA delegation consisting of President-elect Ronald Van Tuiijl, CEO Etienne Sanz de Acedo, Board Members Ayala Deutsch and Katie Feng, former Board Member Susan Crane and INTA China Chief 
Representative for China, Seth Hays, met with Chief Judge Wu Xielin of the newly formed Shanghai IP Rights Court on October 18. The court was founded in December 2014 with jurisdiction to hear cases in the Shanghai region on patent, copyright, trademarks and other related rights (e.g. plant varieties, circuit layout). 

The court introduced extensively the many innovative management and logistic elements of its operations, such as a fully digital and paperless document system.

IP SHanghai_102315_2.png

INTA inquired about the court’s experience in issuing temporary injunctions. The court noted that it does not have a court-specific standard, but adheres to the current nation-wide requirements for temporary injunctions, which involve weighing several factors, including the likelihood irreparable harm, the likelihood the plaintiff will win and the guarantee provided by the plaintiff in addition to the public interest. They noted this was in line with international standards. 

INTA’s delegation was extremely impressed by the state-of-the-art facilities, management and operations of the court, which should serve as an example for jurisdictions around the globe.



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