February 09
The Impact of the EU Trademark Reform on OHIM

​At INTA’s 2015 Leadership Meeting, Bénédicte Linden (Gevers, Belgium) shared her insights on the impact of the EU trademark reform on the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM). 

Bénédicte provided tips for trademark users concerning some of the major changes coming to OHIM, including the renaming of the office (soon to become the European Union Intellectual Property Office) and some of the Office’s new tasks and practices. 

Bénédicte also spoke about her experience as an INTA volunteer. She explained her role in the INTA OHIM Subcommittee and the Rapid Response Group, and how this contributed to INTA’s advocacy efforts concerning the reform. 

Watch the full interview with Bénédicte below and visit INTA's Topic Portal for more information on the EU Trademark Reform.

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