March 01
INTA Policy Dialogue in Malaysia: Custom Practices in Malaysia

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On November 5, 2015, INTA held an Anitcounterfeiting Policy Dialogue on the topic of Customs Practices in Malaysia at the Hotel Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside in Putrajaya, Malaysia. The event, organized by INTA’s Anticounterfeiting Committee’s East Asia & Pacific Subcommittee and hosted by Subcommittee members Jyeshta Mahendran (Shearn Delamore & Co) and Liew Shie Ying (Wong Jin Nee & Teo), was attended by more than 35 participants ranging from IP practitioners, brand owners, Royal Malaysian Customs (RMC) officials, and Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumer (MDTCC) officials.

The event started off with a welcome speech by Jyeshta Mahendran, followed by a talk given by MDTCC official Othman Nawang and RMC official Poo Ken Chim. These two speakers shared their thoughts on laws and regulations as they are today and how they might develop in the future. They additionally shared practical insights into successful strategies, loopholes and challenges faced in identifying counterfeit goods at their entry points as well as within the market.

After a quick break, Shie Ying moderated the Policy Dialogue, the topic of which, Customs Practices in Malaysia, invoked an interactive discussion among participants. During the session, MDTCC officials Othman Nawang, Azeem Nazuri, and Kuzaimah Affandi as well as RMC officials Poo Keng Chim and Hazbri bin Sabtu participated in a question-and-answer session that covered a number of topics, including but not limited to measures taken by both MDTCC and RMC, trends in counterfeiting, collaboration between the two agencies, evolution of counterfeiting activities, role of Malaysia as an exporter of counterfeit goods, inter-agency collaboration, effect of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) on Malaysia, and counterfeit goods disguised as parallel imports.

In summary, the roundtable discussion was lively and informative, with many objectives of the roundtable being met. One such objective was to voice certain concerns to the RMC officers, such as the importance of sharing information and implementing a customs recordal system; it was also suggested that an informal registration process should be put in place in the meantime. Additionally, issues and recommendations on best practices were put forward and resulted in a productive dialogue among the brand owners, IP practitioners, and the government officers in attendance from MDTCC and RMC. Furthermore, the roundtable also met INTA’s objective of engaging in dialogues with MDTCC and RMC and relevant stakeholders. 

INTA would like to thank Jyeshta Mahendran and Liew Shie Ying for their assistance in organizing this event. For more information on the Anticounterfeiting Committee and INTA’s Anticounterfeiting activities, contact Maysa Razavi, INTA Advisor, External Relations, Anticounterfeiting, at



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