August 26
What Has INTA’s Anticounterfeiting Committee Been Working on? The Chairs Tell All!

​At INTA’s Annual Meeting, Maysa Razavi, INTA’s Anticounterfeiting Manager, sat down with the Anticounterfeiting Committee Chair Heather McDonald (Baker & Hostetler LLP) and Vice Chair Virginia Cervieri (Cervieri Monsuarez & Asoc.). Heather and Virginia discuss the rise and globalization of counterfeiting and the work of the committee to combat this issue. 

The Anticounterfeiting Committee, which is the largest at INTA, works on educating law enforcement, sharing best practices, and implementing educational programs for consumers. Members of the committee are also working on organizing BASCAP Workshops, launching the Custom Connections series and more. 

Are you interested in working with the Anticounterfeiting Committee? Learn more about Anticounterfeiting on INTA’s website and contact INTA’s Anticounterfeiting Manager, Maysa Razavi ( for more information. 

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