September 16
Museu da Pessoa: Personal Releases and Copyright Matters

This blog post was written by INTA's 2016 Pro Bono Committee. ​​

​Koury Lopes Advogados ("KLA") recently had the privilege of assisting Instituto Museu da Pessoa (the “Museum of the Person”) in drafting and reviewing the legal documents necessary to enable its operation and the fulfillment of its core objectives in Brazil.

Founded in the City of São Paulo in 1991, the Museu da Pessoa is largely known in Brazil for being a virtual and collaborative museum that has as its main objective to document, preserve, and transform human lives through the gathering of information and life stories of normal individuals. Currently, the Museu da Pessoa has over seventeen thousand recorded individual statements in audio, video, and text formats and more than sixty thousand photos and digitalized documents. It is a true database of people’s life stories.

The mission of the Museu da Pessoa is to recognize the true value of cultural diversity and of the personal stories of every single individual as important assets of humanity. As a rich source of knowledge, the museum strives to be an open and collaborative institution that will provide its visitors with a better comprehension of this cultural value and a deeper connection between individuals of all generations.

KLA was contacted to render pro bono services to the Museu da Pessoa through Thomson Reuters Foundation. Two associates of KLA’s Intellectual Property practice, Vanessa Pirró and Rafael Pessoa, assisted the museum in the draft and review of all personal releases and copyright license agreements used by the museum in its operations, both to allow the recording of statements granted by the individuals and to authorize the museum to use such recorded materials to fulfill its purposes.

The partnership between the Museu da Pessoa and KLA was a great success. The Brazilian Museum of the Person is now assured that its activities are properly protected by the necessary legal documents, as KLA successfully assisted this important Brazilian institution in its preservation of individual stories and memories. In turn, KLA associates were able, in the collaboration process, to have access to and appreciate these unique Brazilian stories. 



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