April 24
The Unreal Campaign Visits Students in Milan

This past March, the Unreal Campaign landed in Milan with an event hosted by ISS Bertarelli Ferraris, an academic institute established in 1965 that is now considered one of the most open transcultural academic institutes in Lombardy, a region in the north of Italy. 

As the International Relations Manager of Martegani & Partners and a member of INTA’s Public and Media Relation Committee, I teamed up with Andrea Terragni, a lawyer representing Puma SE, and we met with the school’s representative, Professor Capristo. Professor Capristo helped arrange the Unreal Campaign event and made sure we had all the technical support required. On March 30, 2017, at 9:00 am, Andrea and I led the Unreal Campaign presentation in front of an audience of almost sixty 17- to 18-year-old students.

Unreal_Milan_Blog_300_042017.jpgWe started the Unreal presentation by introducing ourselves and giving a brief overview of INTA activities. We then posed a few questions to help us understand the students’ opinions on counterfeiting issues and on trademarks in general. The students then became deeply involved in the discussion and paid close attention throughout the PowerPoint presentation. 

We played a quiz game, showing the students both genuine Puma products and fake products and asked them which they believed were fake and the reasons for their choices. This gave Andrea the opportunity to show them the differences in quality between the real and counterfeit products. She also gave the students some tips on how to discern genuine Puma shoes and jerseys. 

To our surprise, many students were aware of counterfeiting issues and the consequences of counterfeiting for the community. The Unreal presentation substantially increased their understanding and knowledge of these counterfeit issues.  

At the end of the nearly-two-hour presentation, we thanked everyone for their attention and expressed our appreciation for all that Professor Capristo and the other teachers did in support of the program. We invited all the attendees to visit the Unreal Campaign webpage and to keep following INTA activities.

To learn more about INTA’s Unreal Campaign, please visit the landing page here or contact Laura Heery (, Senior Coordinator of the Campaign. Thank you to the 2017 Unreal Campaign sponsors for making these events possible:

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