June 15
Unreal Campaign Visits India

On May 1, 2017, I (Pooja Dodd, a member of the Unreal Campaign Committee), hosted a Student Engagement Event at the Tagore International School, New Delhi. The 270 students who attended the session were curious and engaged in the presentation. 

At the beginning of the session, I spoke briefly about INTA, the objectives of Unreal Campaign Committee, and the importance of understanding the problems associated with counterfeiting. We then discussed the basics of trademarks and their importance for consumers as well as companies. At the conclusion of the presentation, I detailed some of the dangers that arise from counterfeiting and specifying how the students can help overcome counterfeiting issues. 

The students were interactive throughout the event, and some even shared their own experiences and encounters with counterfeit products. The session was followed by a short, fun quiz. 

The students seemed to understand the gravity of the counterfeiting problem and were excited at the prospect of educating their parents about it. 

To get involved in the Unreal Campaign, please visit the landing page here. Thank you to our 2017 sponsors that make these events possible.

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