November 01
INTA’s Leadership Meeting: Sessions Taught by Harvard Law School Executive Education

2017_lm_530x290_hpsliderblog11117.jpgOn November 7th, from noon until 1:30, Harvard Law School professors Scott A. Westfahl and William “Terry” W. Fisher will join INTA’s annual Leadership Meeting to engage participants in leadership discussions through interactive, business-school style cases as part of the Harvard Law School Executive Education: Development of Professionals Workshop. Professor Westfahl and Professor Fisher’s sessions offer a model of pedagogy that is embodied at Harvard Law School Executive Education (“HLS Executive Education”). 

The program curriculums at HLS Executive Education incorporate numerous case studies, as this teaching method offers participants exposure to real-world issues and helps them work through possible approaches and solutions to the current and foreseeable challenges in the global legal profession. At the HLS Executive Education Workshop, Professors Westfahl and Fisher will lead participants in sessions that will take a deep dive into the challenges associated with providing feedback and protecting intellectual property, respectively, through two case studies: (1) Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley, and (2) Intellectual Property Strategy at North Technology Group.

The Importance of Feedback

Professor Westfahl will teach the nuanced and complex Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley case to examine the critical role of feedback at an individual, departmental, and organizational level. The case follows the protagonist, Rob Parson, who is a star producer in Morgan Stanley’s Capital Markets division and has been recruited from a competitor the prior year. Parson’s reviews from the 360-degree performance evaluation process reveal that he has been having difficulty adapting to the firm’s culture, and his manager, Paul Nasr, faces the difficult decision of whether to promote Parson to managing director. The case allows participants to explore the challenges associated with performance appraisal and development of professionals.

Intellectual Property and Strengthening Competitive Positions

Professor Fisher will teach the Intellectual Property Strategy at North Technology Group case to examine the challenges that knowledge-intensive organizations face as they seek to protect their intellectual property. The case centers around North Sails, the world’s leading sailmaker. The company commands a global market share of more than 50%, but currently uses neither patents nor copyright to protect its technology. CEO Tom Whidden needs to consider how to best defend the company’s leading position. By highlighting the costs and benefits of patents and copyright, the case points to a challenge that is common across many companies: their most valuable assets are largely intangible, and these assets cannot easily be pinned down and protected. 

More About Harvard Law School Executive Education

HLS Executive Education is an organization dedicated to: (1) developing lawyers as leaders to strengthen the legal profession; (2) incubating innovative approaches to lawyer and law student development and education; and (3) ultimately helping leaders and professionals globally to make a difference through truly understanding the legal frameworks and context in which they act. HLS Executive Education offers unique open enrollment programs throughout the year—for early-stage equity partners, senior law firm leaders, and general counsel/in house lawyers—in addition to custom programs designed for particular firms or corporate law departments. Led by Harvard faculty and esteemed guests who have both academic and practice expertise, the programs at HLS Executive Education provide participants with critical perspectives, tools, and frameworks, along with the key skills required to lead their organizations in the evolving global legal profession. 



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