November 03
INTA Member Resources: Don’t Miss Out!

publicresources_470x246blog.jpgDid you know that there is an incredible wealth of resources on the INTA website? INTA’s committees and project teams have worked tirelessly to analyze and summarize trademark practices, procedures, and precedent throughout the world, and the fruits of their labor are available to you on the INTA website. Have you ever wanted to know which non-traditional marks are recognized in different jurisdictions? Would you like to see a country-by-country comparison of trademark protection essentials? Just log on!

Here are some examples of the amazing resources you will find:

Searchable Guides:

  • Country Guides: A searchable guide of country profiles offering basic, practical information on: trademark filing, prosecution, registration, and maintenance. 
  • U.S. State Trademark and Unfair Competition Law: A comprehensive source for facts, commentary, and analysis on U.S. state trademark and unfair competition law.
  • Enforcement: An International Litigation Guide: A searchable guide providing information on the many facets of trademark litigation, including: pre-filing requirements; claims for infringement of registered and unregistered marks; emergency measures; early resolution of litigation; evidence; trials and oral hearings; judgment and final orders; post-judgment issues; costs of litigation; and remedies. 
  • International Opposition Guide: A searchable guide of country profiles on the structure of trademark opposition practice and procedure, including: general provisions, applicable grounds, alternatives to opposition, opponent issues, filing requirements, post-filing stages, and procedures. 
  • Trade Dress: International Practice & Procedures: A searchable guide of comprehensive country profiles on trade dress protection and enforcement that clarify boundaries of protection of trade dress afforded by trademark, design right, copyright, and patent law and navigate the complexities of enforcing trade dress rights, including available causes of action, standing, jurisdiction, remedies, and defenses, including hundreds of separately searchable exhibits. 
  • Geographical Indications, Certification Marks, and Collective Marks: A searchable guide of basic, practical information on protection for geographical indications, certification marks, and collective marks. 
  • Practitioner’s Guide to the Madrid Agreement and Madrid Protocol: A searchable guide providing practical information on the local application of both treaties in the member countries covering practice and procedure in obtaining, maintaining, licensing, and enforcing registrations obtained through the Madrid System and detailed information about how each jurisdiction treats marks extending to it.
  • Trademark Cancellations: A searchable guide that provides practical information on trademark cancellation practice and procedure in country profiles covering topics including: availability of cancellation proceedings, applicable grounds, venue for bringing such proceedings, representation, time frames, estimated costs, and rights of appeal.
Charts, Maps & Other Visual Aids: 

And More:



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