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ARGENTINA: New Online Filing System with the Trademark Office

In Resolution P-266, issued on October 23, 2012, the Argentine Trademark Office adopted the Internet Filing Portal (Portal de Trámites por Internet) on the website The portal will allow, at this initial stage, the electronic filing of trademark applications, oppositions, renewals and replies to office actions; however, the Resolution does not state when the new system will become operative.

The Trademark Office’s main objectives in implementing the electronic filing system are to adopt a paperless environment and improve the Office’s efficiency, enabling users to access and manage their trademarks through the Internet.

To proceed with electronic filing, the applicant or its representative must have an authorization code (Clave Fiscal) provided by the local tax authority to Argentine residents. Payment of official fees must be completed through the Official Fee Electronic Payment System (Sistema de Cobro Electrónico de Aranceles), available at the portal.

The applicant or its representative will be responsible for providing accurate and truthful information, which will be regarded as a sworn declaration. Any false information may result in cancellation of the proceedings.

This new electronic filing system will not replace the current paper filing system, with which it will coexist.

It is important to note that local regulations state that filings made with the Trademark Office must be signed by the applicant or its legal representative. This signature is considered an essential requirement, yet Resolution P-266 does not address the legal impact that lack of a signature may have on the prosecution of applications filed electronically.

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