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Colombian Senate Approves Bill 061/2010, Moving Closer to Madrid Accession

On December 16, 2010, the Colombian Senate, in plenary session, approved Bill 061/2010 calling for accession to the Madrid Protocol. Bill 061/2010 was introduced on August 3 and was considered and approved by the Senate Second Commission on December 1. This is a significant step toward Colombia’s accession to the Madrid Protocol.

During the 2009-2010 legislature, INTA members expressed support for Bill 277/09, which had obtained approval in the House of Representatives but failed to be considered in the Senate in plenary session last June. The legislation was then introduced under Bill 061/2010, with the new Congress.

For Colombia’s accession to become effective, approval by the House of Representatives is still required. The bill has now moved on to the House of Representatives for consideration, first at committee level and then in plenary session, in the months to come.

INTA welcomes the latest developments, which bring Colombia closer to adhering to the Madrid Protocol. Local trademark owners will be able to use the international registration system to protect their trademarks in all contracting parties to the Madrid Protocol. And trademark owners from those contracting parties will benefit from the possibility of requesting protection for their trademarks in Colombia via the Protocol.

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