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Committee Spotlight: Impact Studies Committee Hits Its Stride

Now in its second term, INTA’s Impact Studies Committee (ISC) commissions and coordinates research projects and studies that support INTA’s Strategic Plan and its advocacy, resources, and communications activities. Philip Cox (Global Law Marketing, USA) is the current Chair of the ISC and Caroline Chicoine (Husch Blackwell, USA) is Vice Chair.

In its inaugural 2016‒2017 term, the ISC completed and launched four studies:

  • The Economic Impact of Trademark-Intensive Industries in Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, and Peru
  • The Economic Impacts of Counterfeiting and Piracy
  • New gTLD Cost Impact Survey; and
  • The Economic Impact of Trademark-Intensive Industries in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand

The ISC also worked to set up procedures necessary to establish INTA’s research function, including designing a study intake request form and study prioritization criteria.

Despite its early success, the ISC remains squarely focused on the future. Mr. Cox said that the ISC is beginning to turn its attention to proactively developing a research agenda for INTA. “This second term is all about designing the ISC’s own research direction and determining and aligning Association priorities with the studies being produced.” Ms. Chicoine highlights the ISC’s enhanced focus on developing and determining points of collaboration among the ISC, INTA, and stakeholders both inside and outside the Association. “We’ve put in place a formal Stakeholder Outreach Committee within the ISC to strengthen engagement with the broader research community,” said Ms. Chicoine. “The goal is to focus on identifying potential research partners, explore ways to share or defray costs associated with producing new studies, and also find means to potentially monetize the studies being produced, if appropriate.” The ISC is also working this term to better educate other committee leaders about the role and growing importance of impact studies for INTA.

In its second term, the ISC is also focused on producing studies and research that support various strategic priorities for the Association, including the promotion and protection of brands, reinforcing consumer trust, and embracing innovation and change. The ISC has an important role to play in helping INTA communicate the positives of intellectual property and the value it brings to consumers by leveraging empirical data and better understanding consumer behaviors and perceptions—particularly among emerging consumer demographics. The ISC also has a goal of expanding its output beyond economic impact studies—which were the focus of the first term—into attitudinal studies, beginning with the “Brand Perception Studies by Young Consumers,” which is a major focus of the ISC this term.

“What makes being a part of the ISC so exciting is that volunteers, working hand in hand with INTA staff, are developing the Association’s new research function while achieving results,” said Ms. Chicoine. “In addition, the composition of the ISC is diverse—you’re not just working with trademark practitioners,” she added.

Mr. Cox, who spends his days around a lot of data in the field of marketing and comes from a publishing background, also likes that the ISC provides a home for INTA members who may not necessarily practice substantive law. “It’s great to have a committee where individuals who don’t practice law on a daily basis—investigators, litigation support specialists, academics, researchers, or anyone with an economics background—can really contribute and add value,” he said.

While the ISC is only in its second term, it has already attracted a lot of attention, both inside and outside INTA, and its existing studies have been downloaded hundreds of times. Through the ISC, INTA is in effect trying to “learn a whole new skill set within the space of research,” said Ms. Chicoine. Mr. Cox added: “And it’s working.”

Members who have a study request should contact INTA's Director of Strategic Partnerships & Economic Research, Sheila Francis, at, to submit your study request for further consideration.

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