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Committee Spotlight: Public and Media Relations Committee

The mission of INTA’s Public and Media Relations (PMR) Committee is to communicate to consumers and the public at large the economic and social value of trademarks; the important role of brands, trademarks, and related intellectual property (IP) in their daily lives, in the marketplace, in the workforce, and in the global economy; and the need for increased trademark and related IP protection.

In order to educate the non-IP audience, the Committee seeks placements of editorial content, infographics, and short videos in mainstream media. Members collaborate with staff in INTA’s Department of Marketing and Communications toward this end.

The PMR Committee is responsible for identifying the most relevant topics for media in strategic regions, drafting content, and, in some cases, providing referrals to media. The Committee may also work on other public-facing communications projects, such as creating tools for members so that they can support the Association’s efforts to educate the non-IP audience.

The PMR Committee operates under the guidance of Chair Marion Bailey-Canham (Gowling WLG, Canada), and Vice Chair Juan Vanrell (Vanrell Propiedad Intelectual Abogados, Uruguay). Its structure consists of six subcommittees: five are geographically driven—Africa and Middle East Subcommittee, Asia-Pacific Subcommittee, Europe Subcommittee, Latin America Subcommittee, and North American Subcommittee, and the sixth is the Special Projects Subcommittee.

In each calendar year of the two-year term, each subcommittee is tasked with developing the content and concept for one infographic to either stand alone or accompany an editorial in draft formation; producing one short (for example, 20-second) video designed to engage various demographics of the public at large to convey the value of trademarks; and, drawing from an editorial calendar designed for the PMR Committee, authoring two concise blog posts. These completed projects will be submitted for consideration to appropriate mainstream media outlets.

Since the PMR Committee’s goal is to communicate information to the general public, the Committee welcomes hearing about projects in other committees that they could support to reach the wider audience.

Learn more about the PMR Committee here.

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