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Department Spotlight: Asia-Pacific and China Representative Offices

INTA’s Asia-Pacific and China Representative Offices are under expansion and warmly welcomed two new faces on board late last year/early this year: Queenie Zhao, INTA’s Associate, Asia-Pacific Office, and Vicky (Weijie) Dai, Assistant, China Representative Office.

Queenie Zhao, Associate, Asia-Pacific Office, began working with INTA on January 2, 2017, and is based in Singapore. She is tasked with fostering and increasing membership in the Asia-Pacific region (AP) for the Association. Queenie’s daily work spans assisting with implementing and conceptualizing programs in AP, in the form of roundtables, seminars, and leadership delegations, to increasing INTA’s corporate membership in AP and providing strategic advice on membership recruitment. She also conducts research toward membership development objectives; addresses member service inquiries via email or telephone (including membership renewal and Annual Meeting attendance-related inquiries); assists in office administrative duties, such as office operation and vendors management; and much more.

In alignment with INTA’s Strategic Directions concerning global advocacy, communication, and education, and to reflect INTA’s mission to reinforce consumer trust and embrace innovation and change, Queenie plans to tailor the services offered to meet the expectations of a wide range of INTA members and non-members by providing value-added services.

The most exciting part of Queenie’s career with INTA thus far has been the opportunity to participate in overseas projects, which allows her to meet INTA members and potential members in person to better understand their needs/expectations, as well as to learn about IP news and regulatory updates from them. While meeting with people from different cultures and countries during such events, Queenie also takes great pleasure in exchanging opinions and ideas with them to uncover and better understand their differences from social, economic, religious, and cultural contexts, which is helpful for establishing and maintaining good working relationships.

In her spare time, Queenie enjoys activities including cycling, camping, traveling, photography, movies, and music. Some of Queenie’s favorite trademarks include DESIGUAL, LINDT, JUMBO, SULWHASOO, and L’OCCITANE, which in Queenie’s view expertly illustrate the spirit, essence, or features of their respective brands.

Vicky (Weijie) Dai, Assistant, China Representative Office, based in Shanghai, joined INTA in December 2016 after obtaining her master’s degree from New York University. Her first official contact with INTA was during a winter break when she had the chance to attend an INTA reception held in Beijing. That piqued her interest in INTA, which led to a short internship with the Association, which led to her full-time position in the China Representative Office.

Vicky’s major responsibilities include: marketing, communication, advocacy, and daily operations. In other words, communicating and helping China members with regard to membership benefits, how to use online resources, and answering questions about Annual Meetings; promoting INTA to, and working with, China government officials; and assisting INTA’s New York headquarters in developing strategies that target or relate to the Chinese market. For example, she has established a WeChat account and has adjusted the Unreal Campaign to better suit Chinese students.

The most memorable project Vicky has participated in so far has been the WeChat Strategy project, which uses a local social media platform to promote INTA and its events among the public, especially trademark professionals within China. Since INTA is not a local organization, it took more time and rather complex procedures to have the WeChat account verified. With Vicky’s great efforts, she was successful in opening INTA’s WeChat account to the public, with all issues of INTA’s China Bulletin having been uploaded and more INTA China Bulletin articles to be expected. With this WeChat account, the public, including INTA members, now can review and download China Bulletin articles with more ease using their smart phones, no matter where they are.

Vicky is zealous about traveling, photography, and working out. In her eyes, there are so many amazing places in the world that she would love to explore to capture with both her mind and camera.

Vicky’s favorite trademark is the logo of Apple Inc.—simple enough, but beautiful, which conveys perfectly the concept that “less is more.”

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