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Department Spotlight: Latin America and Caribbean Representative Office

INTA’s first Latin American and Caribbean Representative Office, located in Santiago, Chile, officially opened on May 2, 2017. José Luis Londoño Fernandez (Colombia) and Alberto Javier Onetto Rojas (Chile) have been working very closely with INTA CEO Etienne Sanz de Acedo on Latin American IP issues for some time, and now have officially become part of the INTA staff.

José Luis Londoño Fernandez

Mr. Londoño is a Colombian lawyer with specialization in industrial property, copyright, and new technologies. He left his position as Deputy Superintendent of Industrial Property at the Colombian IP Office to be appointed as the Chief Representative Officer of INTA’s new office. Previously, he worked as an in-house lawyer at the Colombian Federation of Coffee Growers, at Colombian IP law firm Olarte Moure, and as a trademark examiner at the Colombian IP Office.

His first INTA Annual Meeting was in Chicago in 2007. He served on the Geographical Indications Committee for several terms, before being appointed Deputy Superintendent of the Colombian IP Office.

Alberto Javier Onetto Rojas

Mr. Onetto was born in Chile, but grew up in Brazil, and has a degree in history and a master’s degree in political science and international relations. He will serve as Assistant for the office. He previously worked in the beverage and hospitality industry, and as an English, Spanish, and Portuguese freelance translator and teacher.

Office Goals

Mr. Londoño and Mr. Onetto are focused on three main goals: (1) establishing the office in Santiago; (2) visiting each country in the region and their authorities, colleagues, and professionals working in the IP industry, in order to introduce the new office and determine its needs, interests, and work proposals; and (3) spreading the word about the upcoming meeting in Cartagena, “The Changing Landscape of Latin America,” which will take place October 2‒3, 2017.

In connection with the latter goal, Mr. Londoño says: “We need the participation and assistance of all INTA members, from Latin America and elsewhere, in order to convey the value of holding events in Latin America and to demonstrate the region’s current dynamism with respect to intellectual property.”

Outside the Office

When he is not working for INTA, Mr. Londoño enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf, watching sports and films, and eating barbecue (he shared that when he was very young he learned from an Argentinean how to make great “asados”). He is now looking forward to having time to visit his new home city, Santiago, not only as a tourist but also as a resident.

Mr. Onetto, meanwhile, enjoys martial arts, in particular judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. When not spending time with his family, he also enjoys swimming, biking, reading (history, marketing, detective novels), and, since the age of 12, has been a fan of strategy games, especially Sid Meier’s Civilization series.

Mr. Londoño’s favorite trademarks are JUAN VALDEZ, MIZUNO, and EL CORRAL, while Mr. Onetto’s are CONVERSE, BISCOFF, BELLOTA, and MOSS.

Expanding INTA’s Reach

Mr. Londoño and Mr. Onetto agree that INTA’s new office will boost the development of stronger relations between INTA and local and regional trademark offices, governments, and associations, and generate closer interaction with members in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“We are confident that this new INTA office will become a two-way communication vessel: from the region to INTA and from INTA to the region and throughout the world,” says Mr. Londoño. Mr. Onetto adds: “We are excited to develop new projects and explore new areas of creativity, while also looking ahead to the next generation’s interests and needs.”

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