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Department Spotlight: Finance & Administration

The Finance & Administration department works behind the scenes to maintain INTA’s financial health and to keep the cogs duly turning. Although this department is not a member-facing one, its role is vital because it handles everything from preparing annual budgets and providing accounting support to INTA’s overseas office, to monitoring expenses and seeking ways to reduce costs. The department is staffed with some INTA veterans as well as newcomers.

Michael Lindsay is Director of Finance & Administration, and has been with INTA for four months. Although his daily tasks vary, they include reviewing and overseeing INTA’s financial results, coordination of the annual budget process and forecasts, analyzing INTA’s cash flow position and forecast, and working with various vendors, including investment advisors, auditors, insurance agents, and benefit providers.

His primary focus since joining the Association has been the production of the 2018 budget, in addition to becoming familiar with the structure of the Association and its various departments. Michael’s role is to ensure that senior leaders understand the current financial status of the Association and how strategic decisions can have an impact on its financial well-being. He is responsible for ensuring that financial and cash flow forecasts are up to date, reflect current business initiatives, and are available to assist in the decision-making process.

Michael has enjoyed getting to know the members of the Finance team. When not working, he enjoys fishing off the New Jersey coastline, and attempts to hit the treadmill a few times a week. He is an avid college sports fan, following both football and basketball. Michael always makes time for his family, including his three daughters. Although he is not a techie, he has always admired how Steve Jobs changed people’s everyday lives, so it is no wonder that his favorite trademark is APPLE.

Andrea Grant
has been with INTA for over 11 years and currently serves as Analyst, Finance & Accounting. Her job covers accounts receivable, finance, and accounting for the U.S. offices, budgets, and finance core support. She particularly enjoys working on INTA’s budgets. She sees the Finance department as helping in implementing INTA’s mission and Strategic Plan goals by supporting all the other departments.

For fun, Andrea likes to spend time with family, travel, and attend sports events and concerts. Her favorite trademarks are HALLMARK, GRACE FOODS, and BRIDGET SANDALS.

Trevor Longchamps
has been working with INTA for one year as Analyst, Finance & Accounting. Although he sits in INTA’s New York headquarters, he is responsible for providing finance, accounting, and budget support to INTA’s Representative Offices around the world, as well as helping to coordinate the value-added tax (VAT) filings in many countries where INTA does business. In order to accomplish this, he uses multiple systems at a time, including INTA’s accounting software, payables management system, and budgeting and reporting portal. Although Trevor finds that this is usually the point in his job description when his audience’s eyes glaze over, he finds it very rewarding work and thinks the people he works with are top-class.

His favorite project has been the rollout of INTA’s new budgeting and reporting software, BI360, which provides a dynamic and efficient way to collect data and report financials that INTA did not previously possess. However, his favorite experience with INTA has been the Annual Meeting in Barcelona this past year, where he enjoyed meeting members and observing the incredible end product that he had been hearing about since day one.

As the team member responsible for finance support for INTA’s Representative Offices, he does his part to ensure that INTA’s offices are compliant with the varying tax and audit requirements in their respective countries, so that they may continue to promote the value of trademarks and brands, reinforce consumer trust, and embrace innovation and change.

Trevor is an avid runner. He tries to go for a run every day, usually along the Hudson River in New York. His favorite trademarks are MASERATI, and BURBERRY.

Carolann Bowen has been with INTA for five years. She originally started as a receptionist for the Association, but after one year a position opened and she was invited to the new role of Human Resources and Governance Assistant. She is currently Associate, Accounting, within the Finance Department. She processes all payments for INTA and secures approvals with respect to the current Banking Resolution.

During her career with INTA, she most enjoyed working on the launch of the new Electronic Payables Process. As part of the Finance team, she monitors expenses and constantly seeks ways to reduce costs, which goes a long way in supporting INTA’s mission and Strategic Plan goals.

Carolann likes to travel and entertain when she is not working. Her favorite trademark is PATRÓN.

Kirk Colquhoun
has been with INTA for a little over 17 years. He began working with the Finance & Administration Department in the role of Production Room Coordinator and is currently Assistant, Operations.

As Assistant, Operations, Kirk is responsible for handling all day-to-day facilities issues, including interfacing with operations vendors, security, and building management, while maintaining the overall quality and operational functionality of the INTA office. He works directly with the organization’s management team to help maintain a safe and professional work environment for INTA’s staff.

Kirk enjoys working on the Annual Meetings. As part of the supporting team that puts the Annual Meetings together, Kirk finds it gratifying to see how successful they are, and to be part of an event that helps its members in such a great way.

He is a huge soccer fan, and his favorite teams are Argentina, Manchester United, and FC Barcelona. In his spare time, he likes to not only watch soccer but also play a little soccer himself. He also enjoys a good game of dominoes with friends, as well as spending quality time with his wife Sacha, and daughters Kacey and Ashlee. His favorite trademarks are MANCHESTER UNITED, FC BARCELONA, NIKE, and ADIDAS.

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