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What is the International IP Crime Investigators College (IIPCIC)?

IIPCIC is an online IP crime training site with the mandate to develop, coordinate and administer training programs to support the fight against IP crime. Counterfeit products pose significant health and safety risks to the public and the proceeds from counterfeiting activity fund other criminal activity including terrorism. With limited resources, law enforcement agencies around the world struggle to provide officers with the training necessary to detect and investigate IP crimes.

IIPCIC provides its online training in English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Mandarin to ensure a global reach, establish a common language regarding IP crime and encourage transnational cooperation. The goal is to increase law enforcement’s knowledge of this crime and reduce the numbers of unsafe and potentially deadly counterfeit products from reaching the marketplace.

Supporting this key INTERPOL educational initiative is another way in which UL (Underwriters Laboratories) continues to support its 125 year-old mission of “making the world a safer place.” IIPCIC provides this IP training free of charge to law enforcement around the world.

Since its inception in 2011, IIPCIC has educated thousands of global law enforcement officers on the nature of IP crime and how to prevent, detect and investigate these types of crimes. It is designed for all law enforcement officials and regulatory authorities and investigators. The course content is developed by the leading global IP crime professionals from law enforcement and the private sector and is written for an international audience.

IIPCIC is proud to announce that a new Customs Curriculum developed with support of the World Customs Organization will launch in 2016. This curriculum will meet the specialized needs and concerns of customs officers around the world.

IIPCIC has nearly 10,000 registered learners from both the public and private sectors and 302 global law enforcement agencies spanning 156 countries actively registered.

IIPCIC can also develop custom training modules and materials tailored to suit both public and private sector organizations on industry-specific counterfeiting issues and deliver them on its platform

For more information on this important online training platform, please visit

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