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Interview: Catherine Farrelly on the Benefits of INTA Membership

Catherine Farrelly (Frankfurt, Kurnit, Klein & Selz, USA) has been an active INTA member for nearly 20 years. She spoke with the INTA Bulletin about the value of INTA membership for her and her firm.

Why is your organization an INTA member, and how does it benefit from membership?
INTA is an incredible community that includes the most accomplished trademark attorneys from virtually every country in the world. Throughout my active membership for some 20 years, I have learned so much from my fellow members, helped to shape developments in trademark law, and built significant business relationships—and even a few strong friendships—with talented attorneys from all over the globe. Not only does this make me a better lawyer, it really adds to my enjoyment of my practice. As a mentor and practice group chair, part of my role is to help my associates develop as attorneys, and I view their participation in INTA as an important part of that. It certainly has been for me.

How long have you personally been an active INTA member, and where do you find the most value in membership on a personal level?

I remember how thrilled I was to be appointed to my first committee as a baby attorney, and how bowled over I was to get my firm’s approval to attend my first Annual Meeting nearly 20 years ago. I was instantly hooked—being with so many attorneys who shared my love for trademark law, sharing ideas and learning from them, was incredibly inspiring. (Not to mention the parties and dinners!) And, with each year, as I get to know and have the pleasure of working with more of our talented members, I appreciate being a part of INTA all the more.

Outside of the Annual Meeting, what other ways do you make use of your membership throughout the year?

Nearly every day I correspond with multiple fellow INTA members. We collaborate on matters across borders, building, strengthening, and enforcing our clients’ trademark rights throughout the world, together.

Why should trademark professionals join INTA, in a nutshell?

It’s a wonderful way to dig in and connect with others who appreciate that trademark law truly is the most interesting and engaging legal practice area!

Renew your INTA membership by December 31, 2017, to ensure that you continue to receive all INTA member benefits, including the member rate to the 2018 Annual Meeting. Annual Meeting registration begins in January 2018.

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