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Christoph Gasser, BianchiSchwald, on the Benefits of INTA Membership

Christoph Gasser is a partner at BianchiSchwald, LLC, in Zurich, Switzerland. He told the INTA Bulletin why he has renewed his INTA membership for nearly two decades.

Why is your firm an INTA member?
I took the initiative to become an INTA member after completing an internship at the U.S. law firm of Pennie & Edmonds in 1998. An attorney there, David Weild III, recommended I attend the INTA Annual Meeting, so when I went back to Switzerland I asked my firm at the time to join INTA. I attended the Annual Meeting for the first time in 2002 and took my membership with me to my current firm when I moved.

What is the main benefit for the firm?
For us, it’s networking. Between the Annual Meeting, Leadership Meeting, and working on committees, we have expanded our global network and brought on new clients thanks to the relationships we’ve made.

What are some other benefits?
We’ve found that we can also give work to contacts we make that might not have work for us, such as Latin American firms, for instance. This helps us with our clients in other ways, because we’re able to recommend people who we’ve met in person and trust. It’s also helpful when our international clients are able to attend so that we can meet with them easily. The contacts we make at INTA also serve as great resources on international legal developments throughout the year.

In a nutshell, why should someone join INTA?
INTA’s meetings host the biggest international community in the world with respect to trademark law. The Association has set up an enormous networking tool and really has a monopoly in this space from a global perspective. Local associations are important tools as well, but INTA has really succeeded in transcending the U.S. trademark perspective so that now it is the most important trademark organization for practitioners around the world.

Renew your INTA membership by December 31, 2017
, to ensure that you continue to receive all INTA member benefits, including the member rate to the 2018 Annual Meeting. Annual Meeting registration begins in January 2018.

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