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Mexico Joins Colombia in Bringing Madrid System to Latin America

Following Colombia’s lead earlier this year, Mexico has entered the Madrid Protocol. Beginning February 19, 2013, trademark owners, local and overseas, will benefit from a simplified, international registration procedure for trademark protection in their commercial operations within and outside of Mexico. INTA was actively involved in advocating both countries’ accession to the Madrid Protocol.

In anticipation of Madrid implementation, the Mexican Institute for Industrial Property (IMPI) has begun consultations with IP practitioners, stakeholders and national authorities on a number of issues dealing with trademark office proceedings and on the legal framework for protection of trademarks. INTA, through the efforts of volunteers and staff, has played a supportive role and assisted authorities with the implementation of educational seminars and awareness-raising campaigns on the value of Madrid, the procedural requirements for filing an international application, and advantages and practical implications from using the system. Also in connection with Mexico’s accession to the Madrid Protocol, the Association has encouraged Mexican authorities to establish opposition proceedings, and to include bad faith and dilution as grounds for opposition.

2012 INTA President Gregg Marrazzo, sent a  letter congratulating Secretary of Economy Bruno Ferrari on Mexico’s entrance to the Protocol and offered the Association’s continued support of IMPI in the implementation stage and on other trademark-related initiatives in Mexico. In recognition of his contribution in promoting Madrid in the Mexican Senate earlier this year as well has his efforts in several other Latin American countries, Olof Fickert (Balder IP, Spain), received a 2012 Volunteer Service Award for Advancement of Trademark Law and Practice. Other INTA volunteers and staff to be credited for their contributions in helping expand the multilateral system in Latin America include Astrid Gerard (Preu Bohlig & Partner, Germany) who participated in a seminar on oppositions systems in Mexico last August, past INTA Presidents Gerhard Bauer (Daimler, Germany), Richard Heath (formerly of Unilever, now of Gowlings (UK) LLP), UK) and Dee Ann Weldon-Wilson (Exxon Mobil Corp., USA) and INTA Director of External Relations Bruce MacPherson and INTA Manager of External Relations for Latin America Laura Cruz.

A number of key practice changes will be implemented at IMPI in order to adjust to the Madrid procedures. INTA is in close consultations with IMPI as to the details of these changes and will provide more information in coming months.

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