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February 1, 2019 Vol. 74 No. 2 Back to Bulletin Main Page

PHILIPPINES: Intellectual Property Office Revises Mediation Rules

The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) under the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines has revised the Rules on Mediation and published the same Memorandum Circular No. 08, Series of 2018.

The key revisions to the mediation rules, which took effect on September 7, 2018, are as follows:

Commencement: A case filed in any originating bureau or an appeal to the Director General shall be submitted to the Bureau of Legal Affairs Alternate Dispute Resolution Services immediately after the filing of the answer or comment to the appeal.

Venue: The mediation proceedings shall be conducted at the IPOPHL offices but may be conducted at any other venue upon request of both parties, provided the related expenses are borne by the parties as agreed upon.

Mediation Fees: Each party shall pay a non-refundable fee of 4,000 pesos (approximately US $76). The parties are entitled to four sessions at a maximum of one hour per session. Parties are entitled to an additional two, one-hour sessions subject to payment of an extension fee of 2,000 pesos (approximately US $36) by each party.

Failure of Parties to Appear and/or Pay Mediation Fees: If the party who initiated the case fails to appear for mediation, including the pre-meditation conference, and/or fails to pay the fees for mediation on time, then the same shall be grounds for dismissal of the case. If the respondent fails to appear and/or pay the fees, then the respondent shall be declared in default.

Successful Mediation: The revised rules provide for a specific time frame of five days within which the Alternate Dispute Resolution Services shall refer the compromise agreement to the head of the originating bureau/office, upon successful completion. The originating bureau/office shall within three days approve the draft decision based on the compromise agreement reached, which shall then have the effect of a court judgement.

Non-Settlement of Dispute: If the parties are unable to settle their dispute within a period of 60 days from submission of the case to mediation, then the mediator shall declare the mediation as unsuccessful and subsequently terminate the proceedings; however, the said period can be extended for another 30 days upon written request by the parties with the concurrence of the mediator.

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