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July 15, 2007 Vol. 62 No. 13 Back to Bulletin Main Page

TAIWAN: Planned Changes to Patent and Trademark Appeals

Taiwan’s Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) plans to revise and simplify its appeals process for its administrative cases. In the future, patent and trademark appeals to the TIPO, for example in opposition or cancellation cases, will be reviewed by a panel of examiners rather than a single examiner.

In addition, appeals cases will be handled as disputes between two private parties rather than as between the TIPO and the appellant. For example, in the past, a party opposing a trademark registration was essentially taking action against the TIPO. The TIPO had no obligation to keep the opposer informed as to the response and position of the trademark applicant.

Under the new structure, a party filing or appealing an opposition or cancellation will have the right to know more about the opposing party’s arguments and deadlines and to take a more active role in the process.


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