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YEMEN: Official Fees for Trademark Services Increased

The Council of Ministers in Yemen has issued two ministerial decrees stipulating an increase in the fees for trademarks and geographical indications and for industrial design services.

As announced in Ministerial Decree No. 178 of 2011 (trademarks and geographical indications) and Ministerial Decree No. 149 of 2011 (industrial designs), the increase in official fees is effective from October 1, 2011.

Implementing Regulations related to trademarks have been released, and registration procedures have been amended as follows:
  • Filing and registration fees have been merged.
  • The 8th Edition of the Nice Classification has been adopted without local subclassification; note that marks designating all goods in Class 33 and/or alcoholic beverages in Class 32 cannot be registered in Yemen.
  • Official fees for filing a trademark in black and white and in color are now the same.
  • There will be a second publication of trademarks upon registration, including the mark’s number, the applicant’s name and the date of the publication upon filing.
  • The Trademark Office will not issue certificates for renewal, change of name, change of address, merger or assignment.
  • Requests to cancel license agreements can be submitted to the Trademark Office.

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