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Jamie Vining

Jaime Vining, Friedland Vining in Miami

This month, we are pleased to spotlight Jaime Vining of Friedland Vining, P.A. in Miami, Florida, United States.  Jaime was the 2017 recipient of the INTA Pro Bono Services Award at the INTA Leadership Meeting in Washington, D.C.

Jaime is a partner at Friedland Vining, P.A. Jaime’s practice focuses primarily on brand protection and enforcement, including trademark, copyright, entertainment and internet law. Jaime counsels clients on the acquisition of new trademarks, conducts clearance investigations and renders availability and infringement opinions, and provides legal advice regarding trademarks and related unfair competition issues. A member of INTA since 2008, she has served on several INTA committees and committees through the Florida Bar. She is presently Chair of the Intellectual Property Committee of the Dade County Bar Association.

Jaime is also an adjunct professor of trademark law at the University of Miami, a position she has held for eight years. She pioneered the trademark law program at University of Miami as a third-year associate. A strong advocate of pro bono legal work, she often “preaches” to her students about the importance of giving back to the community through free legal services in the field of IP and entertainment.

“With respect to IP,” Jaime explains, “I think it is important to foster entrepreneurship and invention through pro bono legal services. According to a September 2017 report released by the U.S. Small Business Administration, low-income areas have far fewer businesses than other areas in the U.S. However, entrepreneurship offers an alternative route to economic success and an increasingly promising pathway out of poverty, which benefits my community and our communities as a greater whole.”

Jaime’s interests in intellectual property and commitment to the community began many years prior to her legal career. As a young woman, she was a recording artist signed to a major music label. She then took her passion for music to the business and production side of the field. She served as an Executive Producer at Swept Away Media, a Florida-based non-profit organization, coordinating music and television licensing efforts with major record labels. Her focus at the organization was to provide opportunities in the media field for young journalists in underserved communities. After four years with the organization, Jaime attended law school to further her IP and copyright aspirations. Law school empowered her to further her goals and deepened her interest in trademark and copyright law.

In addition to her busy practice at Friedland Vining, Jaime devotes many hours to providing local pro bono services. “Pro bono work is extremely important to me,” Jaime declares. “I think our communities as a whole are substantially improved when we provide representation and voices to our underserved segments of society, particularly non-profit organizations.”

Since 2009, Jaime has worked with Dade Legal Aid, a nonprofit law firm serving over 5000 clients annually. Jaime participates in Dade Legal Aid’s Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (VLA) Program. VLA is a referral service that provides pro-bono legal assistance to income-eligible artists, creative entrepreneurs or arts organizations in Miami-Dade county.

Jaime also implemented and organized Dade Legal Aid’s “Patently Impossible Project.” While Jaime was Chair of the Intellectual Property Committee of the Dade County Bar Association in 2010, the president of the Dade County Bar Association tasked each committee chair to provide volunteer attorneys or raise funding for Dade Legal Aid. “At the time,” Jaime explains, “there was not an abundance of Dade Legal Aid clients seeking assistance with IP-related matters.” Still determined to contribute, she launched the Patently Impossible Project, a highly successful annual fundraiser that raises money by challenging attorneys to race to assemble a patented invention. This program, which launched in 2010, has raised more than $150,000 to provide legal representation in underserved communities.

“Dade Legal Aid is committed to providing access to justice for all and the funds raised by the Patently Impossible Project enable the organization to do just that,” says Jaime. “I am inspired daily by the creative people I work with and the work they do.”