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About INTA

Anna Carboni
Wiggin LLP

Anna is a partner of Wiggin LLP in London, UK (following the merger of IP boutique, Redd Solicitors LLP, into Wiggin in November 2016). She has 30 years of experience as an intellectual property lawyer and is qualified as a solicitor, barrister and mediator. Anna works with clients spanning a wide range of industries and professions including pharmaceuticals, software, consumer electronics, food and drink, luxury goods, personal care, office products, entertainment, and insurance. Anna litigates across the fields of trade marks, unfair competition, copyright and designs, and she advises on brand and design clearances, litigation tactics and strategy and dispute avoidance, as well as working as a mediator in IP cases.

Having taken her BA degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University, Anna went to law school at the College of Law in London and started her legal career with Linklaters in 1986. After 17 years there, she spent 7 years as a barrister at Wilberforce Chambers, before returning to work as a solicitor (and solicitor advocate) in 2010.

Anna is an active member of the “IP Community”, working on Committees, editing IP publications, writing on IP-related topics, and regularly speaking at conferences. She was on the INTA Board of Directors during 2012-14, and was the inaugural chair of INTA's Unfair Competition Committee.

Ms. Carboni is a member of the Legislation and Regulation Committee.