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Jean-Claude Darné
Manager, Communications
  International Trademark Association Publishes Brexit Position Paper Calling for ‘Minimal Disruption’ and Strong Intellectual Property Protection

New York, NY—November 28, 2017—Recognizing the need to further advocate for strong intellectual property (IP) protection and harmonization as Brexit negotiations unfold, the International Trademark Association (INTA) Board of Directors approved a Brexit position paper at its meeting on November 7.

In the position paper, INTA is advocating that both the EU and UK “support, promote, and safeguard the following core principles for brand owners and right-holders during the negotiations as well as when ‘Brexit’ becomes effective: minimal disruption of trade, minimum costs, maximum retention of rights, and maximum transparency and legal clarity.”

The paper lists core principles and specific recommendations related to IP for both the UK and the EU27 regarding the negotiations concerning the exit of the UK from the EU. The process of developing the paper began more than a year ago. INTA’s Brexit Cross-Committees Task Force drafted the paper, and it has been rigorously vetted by key internal stakeholders, including staff and members.

“IP-intensive industries contribute significantly to employment and GDP in the EU and UK. While we recognize that the Brexit process is complex, it is vital to strive for the least amount of disruption to trademark owners, and to carefully consider IP protection given its impact on businesses, consumers, employees, and the economies in these countries,” said INTA CEO Etienne Sanz de Acedo.

“The paper also aligns strongly with INTA’s approach to advocacy by providing pragmatic solutions and offering our continued participation in consultations and user meetings conducted by the EU and UK,” he said.

INTA is in a unique and balanced position to provide input on Brexit for businesses operating in and with the EU and UK, given its strong footprint in the EU27 (1,272 members) and the UK (311 members) as well as its overall global scope. Its membership consists of more than 31,000 trademark professionals and brand owners, from major corporations to small- and medium-sized businesses, in 190 countries.

As Brexit impacts companies across all industries and of all sizes in a variety of ways, including in areas related to IP and corporate brand protection, INTA continues to closely follow developments to inform and guide its membership. INTA is working directly with the British government and IP Office, the European Commission’s negotiating team, and other relevant EU authorities and stakeholders to ensure that IP and brand-related issues are properly addressed as negotiations take place.

INTA’s Brexit position paper is posted on the Association’s dedicated Brexit portal.

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