Programs and Events
Programs and Events
Brand Authenticity Conference, Berlin
November 30–December 1, 2017

Join INTA’s Brand Authenticity Conference November 30 – December 1 in Berlin, Germany!


Many would say that a brand is a promise—a promise of quality, of consistency…of something intangible that attracts and retains consumers. Consumer norms, priorities and expectations are evolving, with technological advances and many socio-economic and environmental challenges playing a part, and brands must evolve with consumers. Brands face the challenge of remaining pillars of consistency while also responding to, or even being the leaders of, change.

Brands have come to represent not only products and services but a “promise” of how they are made, and/or delivered and who the people are who create and deliver them. No longer is the question simply whether the “thing” is fit for purpose; consumers want to know how it is made, by whom, how producers and workers were treated, and what they did in and for our communities? How does a brand owner impact the environment, how does it treat its employees, partners, consumers? 

Join us in Berlin for the Brand Authenticity conference on November 30 and December 1, 2017, as we answer the question of How Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Integrity Impact your Bottom Line. This advanced level, two-day program brings together key business stakeholders, sustainability and CSR experts, government officials and legal experts who will offer a high level discourse on current business realities and key issues that business and legal professionals need to understand. We’ll talk about what a brand is to a consumer, and what role each of us plays in delivering and protecting brand authenticity. Legal and business professionals, as well as government relations, advertising and marketing specialists, would all benefit from attendance at this program.

INTA’s CSR Initiatives in Berlin

Carbon Credit Donation

INTA has partnered with to help highlight the importance of offsetting this conference’s carbon footprint. All of the proceeds will be donated to is leading the fight against global warming, making it easy and affordable for any individual, business or organization to reduce and offset their climate impact and hasten the transition to a clean energy future. 

 The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin

Most befitting for the topic of our event, the INTA Brand Authenticity Conference will take place at The Ritz Carlton, Berlin, the first five-star hotel in Europe to combine exclusive luxury with sustainability. The hotel received the prestigious EMAS (Eco Management and Accounting) award for the sixth year in a row, which acknowledges its outstanding dedication to sustainability, including the use of 100% renewable energy and of eco-friendly cleaning products, the recycling of its waste paper to create school materials for children in need, and the maintenance of an organic farm to stock its restaurant with rare vegetables and produce, to name just a few.