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2019 Europe Conference: Embracing Change

Online registration is now closed.

You may register onsite starting Monday, February 18 at 8:00 am.


 Monday, February 18, 2019

8:00 am–5:30 pm

Registration and Information Desk Open

8:00 am–9:00 am
Networking Coffee 

9:00 am–9:15 am

Welcome and Opening Remarks
David Lossignol, Novartis Pharma AG (Switzerland)
2019 INTA President

Valérie Dorey, T. Mark Conseils (France)
President, Association des Praticiens du Droit des Marques et des Modèles (APRAM)

Conference Co-Chairs:
Chehrazade Chemcham, Colgate-Palmolive Company Europe SARL (Switzerland)
Nick Wood, Com Laude (United Kingdom)

9:15 am–9:45 am
Keynote—The Future of Brands: Adapting to Change

Mathieu Morgensztern, CEO of GroupM and WPP France (France)

Jason Oke, EMEA Managing Director, Red Fuse (France)

9:45 am–10:45 am
Session I—Promoting Brands in the Digital World
Promoting brands online is a business reality, and brand teams must be nimble to address the issues that companies face in a digital world. Hear from a panel of experts as they discuss the day-to-day realities of online marketing, including contracts, terms of services, third-party brands, keywords, comparative ads, claims, user-generated content, false reviews, and more.

Moderator and Speaker:
Pieter Van den Bulck, Anheuser-Busch InBev S.A (Belgium)

J. Scott Evans, Adobe Inc. (United States)
Dana Northcott,, Inc. (United States)
Jean-Christophe Troussel, Bird & Bird LLP (Belgium)    

10:45 am–11:00 am
Networking Break 

11:00 am–12:15 pm

Session II—The Meteoric Rise of Online Influencers
Historically, companies had spokespersons, and advertising was populated by celebrity endorsements. In recent years, companies have been looking to online influencers to help promote their brands and company agenda. In this session, hear the issues that must be addressed from the perspective of the influencer, the influencer’s agent, the brand owner, and the legal team. Learn practical tips and understand the legal implications of the brand and influencer relationship and vice versa.

Moderator and Speaker:
Paul Jordan, Bristows (United Kingdom)

Margret Knitter, SKW Schwarz Rechtsanwaelte (Germany)
Sophie Radcliffe, Challenge Sophie (United Kingdom)
Aaron Riedel, Aaron Riedel Law PLLC (United States)
Sanne Vloet, Health and Wellness Advocate, Model & Vlogger (United States)

12:15 pm–1:15 pm

Session III—Data Privacy and Protection: GDPR and More

What do brand lawyers need to know to counsel their clients on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and data protection issues? This panel will discuss data-privacy issues that impact marketing and branding, privacy operations, data breaches and enforcement, how to ensure compliance with the GDPR, what “privacy by design” is, how GDPR impacts contracts with vendors, and why the role of the Data Protection Officer  (DPO) within companies is vital.

Hear advice on how to effectively collaborate with privacy professionals, and learn what companies are doing to address the changes in the law and how to best to support marketing initiatives in a post-GDPR world.

Marina Stipanac, Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall LLP (Canada)

Paul K. Jordan, International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) (Belgium)
Patricia McGovern, DFMG Solicitors (Ireland)

1:15 pm–2:15 pm

Networking Lunch

2:15 pm–2:30 pm

Highlight Speaker—The Future of Intellectual Property: An Update from the European Commission

Amaryllis Verhoeven

Amaryllis Verhoeven, DG Grow, European Commission (Belgium)

2:30 pm–3:15 pm

Session IV—Copyright Reform in Europe: How It Impacts Creative Works Used by Brands

In September 2018, the European Union (EU) legislature voted in favor of modernizing complex copyright law to fit the digital age, in which an abundance of content is created and shared. Critics call the copyright reform a form of censorship and a restriction on Internet freedom, while copyright owners and publishers welcome it as a long-overdue recognition of authorship. Join the discussion as we find out what this reform means for content creators and users, what is being done at the national level (e.g., in Germany) to address the need for stronger authorship protection, and how artificial intelligence is challenging our fundamental definition of authorship.  

Moderator and Speaker:
Chehrazade Chemcham, Colgate-Palmolive Company Europe SARL (Switzerland)

Eleonora Rosati, School of Law, University of Southampton (United Kingdom)
Marie Sellier, Vivendi SA (France)
Mathias Zintler, KNPZ (Germany)

3:15 pm–4:15 pm

Session V—The Only Thing That Stays the Same Is Change: Effective Counseling in an Unpredictable World

A brand lawyer’s role includes that of counselor, mediator, strategic advisor, business partner, and realist. Hear from seasoned practitioners as they discuss a variety of issues, including:
  • how technology is facilitating the need for  protection of new types of trademarks such as  multimedia and motion marks
  • from brand-centric to design-centric, the increasing role of designs in IP portfolio strategy
  • the EUIPO vs. National Office protection route to enhance enforcement effectiveness
  • what in-house brand protection lawyers expect from outside counsel in a changing world
Learn about the issues and gather tips on the alignment of legal and business strategies in unpredictable times.

Moderator and Speaker:
Peter McAleese, AKRAN Intellectual Property (Italy)

Margherita Puca, Valentino S.p.A (Italy)
Lisa Ritchie, Philip Morris International Management SA (Switzerland)

4:15 pm–4:30 pm

Networking Break

4:30 pm–5:30 pm

Session VI—The Future is Now: The Changing Role of Trademark Teams

No longer relegated to a unified specialty, brand lawyers today also bear the responsibility for data privacy and/or marketing legal issues and/or corporate social responsibility. Get a bird’s eye view of the myriad of responsibilities faced by brand teams today, including copyright, right of publicity, marketing claims, designs, and other issues that can impact a brand. Get some practical tips to prepare you for the varied issues faced every day.

Moderator and Speaker:
Jayne McClelland, Syngenta Crop Protection AG (Switzerland) 

J. Scott Evans, Adobe Inc. (United States)
Nick Redfearn, Rouse (Indonesia)
Tiffany Valeriano, Corsearch (Germany)

5:30 pm–5:40 pm
Wrap-Up from Conference Co-Chairs

5:40 pm–6:40 pm

Networking Reception

 Tuesday, February 19, 2019

8:00 am–5:00 pm 

Registration and Information Desk Open

8:00 am–8:50 am

Networking Coffee 

8:50 am–9:00 am

Welcome Back 

Etienne Sanz de Acedo, CEO, International Trademark Association (INTA) (United States)

Conference Co-Chairs:
Chehrazade Chemcham, Colgate-Palmolive Company Europe SARL (Switzerland)
Nick Wood, Com Laude (United Kingdom)

9:00 am–9:30 am

Keynote—How Companies Are Embracing Change 

Loes Backus, ASICS Europe B.V. (Netherlands)


Regina Polanco, Founder & CEO, PYRATES smart fabrics (Spain)

9:30 am–10:30 am

Session VII—The Role of Artificial Intelligence in an IP Practice

Innovation impacts our way of life—how we travel, how we shop, where and how we work. Artificial intelligence (AI) provides a personal experience when we go online, and its predictive nature has wide applications across an IP practice, including a role in clearance and protection routines, statistical analysis for risk assessment, and more. Hear how AI is being utilized by IP practitioners and learn about the opportunities for the future.

Moderator and Speaker:
Julien Horn, de Gaulle Fleurance & Associés (France)

Charles Hill, TrademarkNow (Ireland)
Jacques Lévy-Véhel, Case Law Analytics (France)
Marc Van Wesemael, EURid (Belgium)

10:30 am–10:45 am

Networking Break

10:45 am–11:45 am

Session VIII—The Future of IP Offices

With technology and consumer purchasing habits changing at an alarming rate, and with the rise of entrepreneurial businesses and a proliferation of small and medium-sized enterprises, how will IP offices adapt to these changes? Will their roles expand to include advisory services? Will they be the voice of their governments? Hear from senior leaders at IP offices in Europe as they talk about their current priorities and their changing role in IP protection and enforcement.

Hélène Nicora, INTA Europe Representative Office (Belgium)

Catherine Chammartin, Director General, Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI)(Switzerland)
Pascal Faure, Director General, French National Institute for Industrial Property (INPI)(France)
Mariana Karepova, President, Austrian Patent Office (Austria)

11:45 am–12:45 pm

Session IX—Blockchain: A Game Changer

The potential application of blockchain across an IP practice is the subject of much discussion. Some companies have moved beyond the discussion phase and have already begun to effectively use blockchain to reinforce the evidence and traceability of their creations and innovations.

In addition, the panel will explore blockchain in the context of smart contracts (and, in particular, licenses), verifying provenance to substantiate claims or to help in the fight against counterfeits, clearance, filing, and more. 

Through a case-study approach with perspective and insights from a diverse panel of business and legal experts, learn about what blockchain is, how it can be used to strengthen unregistered IP rights and trade secrets, and how the legal environment is already embracing this technology as reliable and credible evidence admissible before courts.

Learn more about this important technology and what it can do to change your day-to-day practices.

Moderator and Speaker:
Olivia Dhordain, RICHEMONT (Switzerland)

William Fauchoux, BlockchainyourIP (France)
Vincent Fauchoux, Deprez Guignot & Associés (France)
Ronan Le Gleut, Sénateur représentant les Français établis hors de France 
Sénat (France)

12:45 pm–1:00 pm

Highlight Speaker—Conversation with Benoit Battistelli on the Future of IP

Join 2019 INTA President David Lossignol as he interviews Benoît Battistelli, Président du Conseil d’administration du Centre d’études internationales de la propriété intellectuelle ( CEIPI), Ancien Président de l’Office Européen des Brevets ( OEB) (Former President of the European Patent Office (EPO) and Former Head of the French National Industrial Property Institute (INPI)) (France)

1:00 pm–2:00 pm

Networking Lunch 

2:00 pm2:15 pm

Highlight Speaker—40 Days Until BREXIT: What Should Brand Owners Do Now?

Kate O’Rourke, Charles Russell Speechlys LLP (United Kingdom)
2:15 pm–3:00 pm

Session X—Monetization of IP Assets

Brands are often the most valuable asset of a business, while trademark protection, enforcement, and strategy are generally seen as a cost. Hear from our panel of experts who don’t believe in this paradox and find out what they are doing to monetize IP within the legal framework. Topics will include licensing revenues, transfer pricing, leveraging innovation from a wider IP perspective, transforming non-use risk into opportunity, and much more.

Pieter Van den Bulck, Anheuser-Busch InBev S.A./N.V. (Belgium)

Richard Haigh, Brand Finance Plc (United Kingdom)
Vicki Bales, DLA Piper (United Kingdom) 

3:00 pm–4:00 pm

Session XI—Fighting Counterfeits: Creative Solutions from Outside of IP laws

As online counterfeiting continues to grow exponentially, and as counterfeiters benefit from additional sales to expand their counterfeiting networks, places of manufacture and packaging of counterfeit products are also growing at a steep rate. This panel will discuss creative solutions to eliminate the criminals’ places of business and will look at the issue of landlord liability. Taking knowledge gained in areas of law outside the strict intellectual property framework, speakers will share their experience and best practices to illustrate how brand owners must stretch the limits of traditional IP enforcement and look far beyond the box to find alternatives to standard solutions.

Moderator and Speaker:
Marie-Laure Bonnaffous, FENDI SRL (Italy)

Milan Milojevic, MSA IP (Serbia)
Paola Piccoli, Maus Frères (France)
Delphine Sarfati Sobreira, UNIFAB (France)

4:00 pm–4:15 pm

Networking Break

4:15 pm–4:45 pm

Session XII—Online Marketplaces and IP

The role of online marketplaces in our daily lives has grown exponentially. Online marketplaces have had a profound effect not only on consumers but also on businesses—how they start, grow, and maintain relevance. What role do online marketplaces have in the protection and enforcement of IP? Are they a potential competitor for IP offices? Will they change the way brands enforce their rights? In this session, you will hear from some online marketplaces as they tell us about how they see the future of IP in this changing world.

Nick Wood, Com Laude (United Kingdom)

Sandro Chiesura, eBay Group Services GmbH (Germany)
Dustin Todd,, Inc. (United States)

4:45 pm–5:15 pm

Session XIII—Update on Court Decisions in Europe

Hear about the legal decisions over the last year and what is on the horizon in the European Court of Justice as well as some national courts.

Join us as we discuss what is happening in real time!


Patricia McGovern, DFMG Solicitors (Ireland)            

5:15 pm–5:25 pm

Closing Remarks and Thank You

Conference Co-Chairs:
Chehrazade Chemcham, Colgate-Palmolive Company Europe SARL (Switzerland)
Nick Wood, Com Laude (United Kingdom)