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Booth Number
101domain GRS Limited
ALT Legal 
Anaqua 13
CheckMark Network
Computer Packages, Inc. (CPI) 12
Dennemeyer - The IP Group
Intellectual Property Online Ltd. / WebTMS Ltd. 
Knijff Trademark Attorneys
Marksmen, Inc.
O P Solutions
Pekama Ltd.
SMD Group – IP Services and Products
TM Cloud, Inc.
The Treadstone Group, Inc

Booth Number: 2

Domain Names – Portfolio management, monitoring, acquisition and enforcement

101domain is the trusted provider of corporate domain name services for many of the world's leading organizations. With a broad service suite of tools, domain strategy creation, management , consolidation, and acquisition experience, 101domain has succeeded in providing what brand owners are looking for since 1999.

Booth Number: 6

Intellectual Property Docketing Software

Alt Legal provides modern, intuitive cloud-based docketing software that makes it easy to prepare and manage intellectual property. Our software automatically updates statuses and deadlines and creates new filings without manual effort. IP boutiques, Am Law firms, and leading corporate legal departments rely on our software to handle filings and deadlines for some of the world’s most valuable IP assets.

Booth Number: 13

IP Management Software

Anaqua software combines insight with well managed processes and services to help turn intellectual property into competitive advantage. Our platform, ANAQUA8, unifies analytics with critical tools, workflow, data, and documents into one efficient, intelligent environment. Our clients gain better insight for decision-making and business alignment while dramatically reducing and controlling costs.

Booth Number: 3

Corporate Domain Portal for Companies and Trademark holders

BrandShelter is the corporate domain management division of Key-Systems GmbH, one of the world’s largest domain registrars with years of experience in providing global internet services. BrandShelter specializes in providing online brand protection solutions for companies and trademark owners around the world. Through proven techniques and personal assistance from an experienced global team, BrandShelter offers powerful, secure tools for monitoring, online brand and trademark protection, and domain portfolio management.

CheckMark Network
Booth Number: 8

The leader in Intellectual Property Watching services for over 15 years, CheckMark Network offers a full suite of on line Brand Protection Services: Trademark Monitoring (International as well as US) Domain Name Monitoring, Websites, AdWords, Social Media, Mobile Apps, On-Line Marketplace Monitoring, Images and more.  Discover our powerful reporting platform and advanced enforcement tools.

Booth Number: 11

CompuMark provides the industry’s broadest range of trademark research and brand protection solutions. We enable trademark and brand professionals worldwide to launch, expand and protect strong brands through unmatched global content, expert analysis and tools, and best-in-class service.

Computer Packages Inc. (CPI)
Booth Number: 12

IP Management Systems, Annuity Service, Data Audit

Founded in 1968, CPI is the oldest and most trusted provider of IP Systems/Services.
Unique CPI capabilities include:
- Annuity Service with electronic data cleansing and paperless annuity management.
- Real Time Service to deliver electronic patent and trademark office data and documents into your system.
- Patent Data Audit Service to assist you with due diligence for acquisitions and divestitures. 

Booth Number: 7

Trademark Search & Watch Services

Corsearch provides the world’s leading clearance and protection solutions to trademark and brand professionals. Corsearch’s international reach allows customers to clear trademarks in more than 185 countries worldwide. Its customer-designed user interface empowers customers to clear their trademarks, brands, and domain names and protect their value throughout their lifetime, using best-in-class research content on its streamlined and easy-to-use platform. Ranked #1 in overall quality by World Trademark Review’s latest survey of trademark professionals worldwide, Corsearch is known for powerhouse innovation and laser-focus on speeding workflows of busy practitioners.

Booth Number: 16

Digital asset management, online brand protection and cyber security

CSC® is the world’s leading provider of business, legal, financial, and digital brand services to companies around the globe. We are the business behind businessSM.
Across the digital landscape, we offer best-in-class digital brand services. We help effectively manage, promote, and secure our clients’ valuable brand assets against the threats of the online world. Companies around the world choose CSC as their trusted partner to gain control of their digital assets, maximize their online potential, and increase their online security against brand risks.

Dennemeyer- The IP Group
Booth Number: 15

The Dennemeyer Group has been setting benchmarks for all services and software solutions in the IP industry for 55 years. Dennemeyer evolved very rapidly into the world’s most comprehensive full-service provider for the protection and management of Intellectual Property rights: from legal services (Dennemeyer & Associates), software and management services (Dennemeyer IP Solutions) right down to IP consulting (Dennemeyer IP Consulting).

Intellectual Property Online Ltd. / WebTMS Ltd. 
Booth Number: 9

Comprehensive Trademark and IP Portfolio Management Software

WebTMS / IPPO Ltd. have provided and developed trademark management systems since 1997 and have regularly appeared at the top of independent user surveys of trademark management software. WebTMS is a record keeping and docketing tool to support efficient trademark management with modules for all IP cases. We have 500+ unique clients and 2000+ global users. We offer software subscriptions, hosted systems, and installed systems. Our solution is for everyone regardless of the portfolio size.

Knijff Trademark Attorneys
Booth Number: 4

Trademark Attorney firm

Knijff are specialists in protecting intellectual property: company names, product names, images and design. As one of the largest trademark firms in the Netherlands with more than 70 staff, we serve more than 2,000, often high-profile clients, with characteristic trademarks. We have grown to meet the high demands of our industry through our personal approach and expertise. Our passionate trademark attorneys are committed to helping you protect the identity and originality that put you one step ahead of your competitors. We are also a long standing trademark search specialist through Multisearch®, a combination of a trademark search with a legal opinion, that will provide you with a clear answer about the availability of your new trademark for use and registration. The trademark availability search can be conducted in any country across the world.

Marksmen, Inc. 
Booth Number: 10

Intellectual Property Investigations, Acquisitions and Research

Marksmen provides exceptional, reliable IP intelligence, allowing our clients to make critical business decisions with confidence.

O P Solutions
Booth Number: 1

Setting the bar for IP Management Software for 25 years, PATTSY features an intuitive user interface, web accessibility, IDS management, validation with private PAIR, TSDR and international web sites, user-friendly report writer, automated correspondence, Outlook Calendar integration and much more.

Pekama Ltd.
Booth Number: 5 

Pekama is an international community of IP attorneys, sharing work and building relationships based on one simple metric.

For decades, finding the right foreign associates for international work required time, effort and luck. Pekama solves all that.

Developed by IP experts, trusted by hundreds of global firms, and backed by the same investors who financed DeepMind (now part of Google) and Evi (the technology driving Amazon Echo.) 

SMD Group – IP Services and Products
Booth Number: 14

Trademark Searching and Monitoring Searching and Watching Services and Products

Since 1949, we have been providing searching and watching services with regard to trademarks and other IP rights. Today, our portfolio embraces a wide range of related products and services, such as searches with legal opinions, search software, publications on trademark practice. We place great importance on a comprehensive, competent and flexible client support. Personal dedication and customer-oriented thinking are essential for us to continue to be a leader in business. 

TM Cloud, Inc.
Booth Number: 17

Trademark and IP Management Software

TM Cloud offers Trademark and IP Practice Management Software that utilizes the latest technology and user experience platform, focusing heavily on workflow and easy custom reporting. The software supports boutique to enterprise level clients looking to save time, money and gain efficiency.

The Treadstone Group, Inc.
Booth Number: 18

Investigations & anonymous acquisitions that add value to your services.

EXPERIENCE matters. No one has more experience ACQUIRING RIGHTS. We’ve been doing it for 20 years, and our knowledge of successful strategies and the true values of domain names, trademarks, and usernames have enabled us to acquire thousands. We are renowned for INVESTIGATIONS that are conducted legally, ethically, and thoroughly by career I.P. investigators who are driven by intuitive thinking, curiosity, empathy, passion, and perseverance. Rely on us, and EXPERIENCE more of life’s Thrillable Hours!


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