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Confirmed Exhibitors

Alt Legal

Booth Number: 10

A different kind of IP docketing software

Alt Legal makes IP docketing easier than ever before. Our modern and intuitive software automates docketing and preparing new filings. We offer free setup, training, and migration along with one of the friendliest customer support teams.

Developed by attorneys and IP paralegals, our software is trusted by Am Law firms, leading IP boutiques, and corporate legal departments to handle hundreds of thousands of filings daily. Come by our booth to learn more!


Contact: Nehal Madhani



Booth Number: 18

Intellectual Property Management Software

Anaqua is a leading provider of IP management software and services. Its simplified software platform combines insight from data analytics with critical tools, best practice workflows and advanced services. Our corporate and law firm clients gain better insight across their entire IP portfolio, while enhancing productivity and maximizing ROI.


Contact: Nick Soter


Bermeo & Bermeo Law Firm

Booth Number: 15

Trademark Filings in Latin America

While there is no regional trademark application for Latin America, Bermeo organizes the filings in each of the countries with a single point of contact. The company takes care of translations, document legalizations and formalities, currency exchange and the myriad of requirements to offer a seamless registration procedure in each jurisdiction of Latin America. Clients are closely informed about any development by the advanced docketing system and team.


Contact: Rodrigo Bermeo-Andrade


Brand Shelter (Key-Systems)

Booth Number: 7

Domain Name Management and Brand Protection Services

BrandShelter provides expertise, advice, and trusted solutions to global companies looking for brand protection and domain name management solutions. As a part of CentralNic Group and powered by the technology of Key-Systems GmbH, one of the world’s largest domain name registrars, BrandShelter is one of the most respected and trusted solutions providers in an ever-evolving online world. Our industry expertise goes much deeper than just being a domain name registrar, providing solutions and advice to brand holders who face a complex set of challenges in the digital environment.

BrandShelter’s expertise in providing online brand protection and domain name management solutions is recognized by some of the world's largest organizations. These global brands trust BrandShelter to protect, optimize and manage their strategic digital assets and intellectual property. BrandShelter’s strengths lie in its unparalleled ability to maximize revenue opportunities for brand holders while reducing the online risks in today’s digital world.

Talk to us today about how our intelligence-based tools, industry recognised experts and effective solutions can add value to your intellectual property and domain name portfolio.


Contact: Virgil Whitehurst (703 932 1083)


CheckMark Network

Booth Number: 16

Protecting your Brands for over 15 years.

CheckMark Network helps safeguard your Trademarks and brands on -line and off-line. For over 15 years we’ve been perfecting this arm of brand protection and remain unmatched in this area in terms of our products, technology and pricing structure. Our specialty is DETECTION. Whether it’s a word mark, design mark or the use of your logo or related image on line, we’ve got you covered. Powered by our ever evolving proprietary AI technology, we tell you where your brand is being used or misused around the world and on the web. We artfully merge the latest technology with expert analysis, to provide you with accurate and timely data.  Our coverage is worldwide; we monitor Trademark Registrations & Applications, Domain Registrations, IDN Registrations, Homographs, Images & Logos, Web pages & content, Social Media, Mobile Apps, On-Line Marketplaces as well as Patents. View and manage your watch results on our powerful reporting platform designed to make data review fast and easy. Visit us at booth 16 to learn more.


Contact: Mark Kudlacik, President & Ethan Cadoff, Account Manager

Email: or


Booth Number: 12

Trademark Research and Protection

CompuMark enables trademark professionals worldwide to launch, expand and protect strong brands through unmatched global content, innovative tools, industry-leading expertise, and best-in-class service. That’s why 9 out of 10 of the world’s most valuable brands choose us as their trademark clearance and protection partner.

Contact: Nichole Ferree

Computer Packages Inc. (CPI)

Booth Number: 4

IP Management Systems, Annuity Service, Data Audit

Founded in 1968, CPI is the oldest and most trusted provider of IP Systems/Services.

Unique CPI capabilities include:

  • Annuity Service with electronic data cleansing and paperless annuity management.
  • Real Time Service to deliver electronic patent and trademark office data and documents
    into your system.
  • Patent Data Audit Service to assist you with due diligence for acquisitions and


Contact: Nathan Dyckes



Booth Number: 1

For over 60 years, Corsearch has led innovation in trademark clearance and protection solutions, and has appreciated long standing client relationships in over 60 countries. We created the foundation of this business by being first with game-changing technology, but never losing sight of what matters most.

We empower our customers with the ability to easily monitor and protect trademarks and brands in an increasingly complex business environment. Highly trained researchers, industry leading technological innovations, best-in-class strategic solutions, and an expansive global content set come together seamlessly to provide a complete brand protection solution.

Despite all of the technological advances, our clients remind us time and time again why they rely on us: highly trained Corsearch researchers with best-in-class tools, and personalized attention from their account managers and customer service team.


Contact: Mary Forbes



Booth Number: 21

Intellectual Property Services – Patents, Trademarks, Recordals, Software

The Dennemeyer Group has been setting benchmarks for services and solutions in the IP industry for more than half a century. Dennemeyer evolved rapidly into the world’s premier comprehensive full-service provider for the protection and management of Intellectual Property rights.
Dennemeyer Group services include IP law firm services (Dennemeyer & Associates), software and management services (Dennemeyer IP Solutions), and IP consulting (Dennemeyer IP Consulting).


Contact: Leon Steinberg


Iolite Softwares Pvt Ltd.

Booth Number: 8

Intellectual Property Management Software

Iolite Intellectual Property Management Software is an efficient docketing software for Domestic, International, OAPI, ARIPO, EUTM and Madrid cases. It is developed keeping in mind the different requirements of IP Attorneys and In-House Counsels of Legal and R&D Department of Corporate.

It is a powerful administrative integrative tool to manage the complete business process of the intellectual professionals and asset managers with regards to allocation of work, email correspondences, case document docketing and reminder alerts for renewals, hearing dates, due filing and submissions so as to eliminate errors and never miss an important deadline. Thus, day to day working become easier, simplified, faster, accurate and organized.

Contact: Rahul Shah


Intellectual Property Online Ltd. / WebTMS Ltd.

Booth Number: 2

Comprehensive Trademark and IP Portfolio Management Software

WebTMS / IPPO Ltd. have provided and developed trademark management systems since 1997 and have regularly appeared at the top of independent user surveys of trademark management software. WebTMS is a record keeping and docketing tool to support efficient trademark management with modules for all IP cases. We have 500+ unique clients and 2000+ global users. We offer software subscriptions, hosted systems, and installed systems. Our solution is for everyone regardless of the portfolio size.


Contact: Michael Ullman


Knijff Trademark Attorneys

Booth Number: 5

Trademark Attorney firm

Knijff are specialists in protecting intellectual property. As one of the largest trademark firms in the Netherlands we serve more than 2,000 clients. With our personal approach and expertise, our passionate trademark attorneys are committed to helping our clients to protect their identity and originality. We are also a trademark search specialist through our Multisearch® service, worldwide trademark searches with a legal opinion, providing clients with a view on the availability for use and registration of their new trademarks.


Contact: Mr. Jeroen Lallemand



Booth Number: 11

IP Investigations, IP Acquisitions, Discreet Product Purchases, Research

For 20 years, Marksmen has been a world leader in IP investigations, acquisitions and other brand protection services. Whether you need trademark "use” investigations, test purchases, domain name acquisitions or online brand-monitoring, trust Marksmen to be your partner in protecting your IP.  With over 93,000 completed cases, we have the experience and knowledge for your IP needs.


Contact: Jacqueline McMahon


OP Solutions

Booth Number: 20

Provider of PATTSY WAVE® IP Management Software

Creator of PATTSY® and PATTSY WAVE® IP Management Software, featuring an exceptionally intuitive user interface, web accessibility, validation with TSDR, PAIR, CIPO, EUTM, WIPO, and other international web sites, user-friendly report writer, automated correspondence, Outlook Calendar integration and much more. Providing quality IP software with responsive and knowledgeable support for over 25 years.


Contact: Daniel Dieter


SK Worldwide

Booth Number: 17

Brand Protection and Intellectual Property Investigations

SK Worldwide, Ltd. is a global corporate investigations firm founded by Susan Peterson and Kelly Mattmuller formerly of Kessler International. Following Michael Kessler’s passing last year and the subsequent closing of Kessler International, Kelly and Susan decided to use their 40 plus years of combined experience to continue to provide the world-class services they formerly provided via Kessler International.  SK Worldwide, Ltd. offers a full portfolio of trademark in-use investigations, anti-counterfeiting and anti-diversion services, discreet domain acquisitions, social media and Internet monitoring, corporate and background investigations.


Contacts: Kelly Mattmuller/Susan Peterson


SMD Group

Booth Number: 3

Established in Germany 70 years ago, SMD Group is a global trademark search and watch company today. We provide high-quality, affordable, innovative IP products and services, such as searches with legal opinions, search software, and various publications on trademark legal practice ( We place great importance on a comprehensive, competent and flexible client support. And we understand the needs of the trademark profession better than any other IP Services company.


Contact: Joerg Utescher


Booth Number: 9

Automated Goods and Services Drafting helps you create accurate trademark specifications in seconds!
Tell what your trademark will be used for, and will tell you:

  • your key classes
  • exact goods/services matches
  • smart, AI generated suggestions for related goods/services
What's more, is based on IP office pre-approved goods, meaning you can say goodbye to specification errors, and those annoying IP office goods objections.


Contact: Claire Foggo



TM Cloud Inc

Booth Number: 6

Trademark and IP Practice Management Software

TM Cloud offers Trademark Docketing and IP Management Software that utilizes the latest technology and user experience platform, focusing heavily on automation, workflow and easy custom reporting. The software supports boutique to enterprise level clients looking to save time, money and gain efficiency.


Contact (on-site): Brizeida Brizuela | Contact (organizer): Lucinda Stevenson


Yellow Brand Protection, Inc.

Booth Number: 14

Global online brand protection services

Yellow Brand Protection is a global online anti-counterfeiting specialist with strong innovation in data-clustering. An in-house search platform crawls worldwide online channels in multi-languages to offer the broadest search capability in the industry. By prioritizing high-risk infringements to pinpoint key offenders and producing automated evidence reports for offline enforcement, we help trademark practitioners to save vital time and streamline their brand protection processes.


Contact: Dwayne Perry, SVP Sales and Marketing



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