INTA PAC 2022 Annual Meeting Live+ Reception


INTA Political Action CommitteeMay 2, 2022 | 4:30-5:30 pm EDT

The INTA PAC Board of Governors will host a virtual reception for 2022 Annual Meeting Live+ registrants. This reception is a bipartisan fundraiser for the INTA PAC and isn’t a personal fundraiser for any candidate. Michael Moore, INTA PAC Board Chair, and Jenny Simmons, INTA’s Director of Government Relations, welcome you to this event.

Please note that you must be registered for the 2022 Annual Meeting Live+ in order to register for the INTA PAC reception. We hope that you can attend the scheduled event. If you are unable to participate on May 2, 2022, then you may attend a different PAC reception within the next year. No refunds will be issued for the PAC reception donation.

A minimum contribution of $200 to INTA PAC will be requested at the time of registration, unless you are a current member of the Capitol Club. Learn more about Capitol Club benefits.

This information is not intended to be a solicitation of contributions from foreign nationals. This reception is a bipartisan fundraiser for INTA PAC and is not a personal fundraiser for any member of Congress. Federal law prohibits INTA PAC from soliciting or accepting contributions from foreign nationals. All contributions must be made from personal funds or non-corporate INTA member firm accounts and may not be reimbursed from corporate funds. To review eligibility rules for contributing and to obtain prior approval form for corporate members, please visit the INTA PAC web page.