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Let’s Get Social—Join Our Kindness Quest!

February 23, 2022


February 23, 2022 | 3:00 pm–4:00 pm EST

February is the month of Valentine’s Day—a day dedicated to love, and often celebrated with cards, chocolates, roses, and champagne. And February is also the month of Random Acts of Kindness Day!

In “The Lion and the Mouse,” Aesop is said to have written, “No kindness is ever wasted.” Join us at our next Let’s Get Social networking session to celebrate random acts of kindness!

Share your favorite stories of giving or receiving a random act of kindness and how it impacted your life or that of someone you know. We’ll also share a 28-day guide to kindness that can be practiced at home.

Our next Social Networking Event will take place on Wednesday, March 23. Stay tuned for more details.

*This event is exclusive to INTA Members only