Trademarks, Domain Names, and Internet Governance: Where Do Brand Owners Stand?

Virtual | September 16, 2020

Join our exclusive virtual education roundtable with Leon Sanchez Ambia, Partner at Fulton & Fulton SC, and INTA member, and INTA’s Lori Schulman, Senior Director, Internet Policy, who will discuss advocacy efforts regarding:

  • Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) governance
  • Rights protection mechanisms
  • Domain name abuse and cybersquatting
  • Privacy and WHOIS databases
  • The future of Internet governance

Additionally, hear from Jose Luis Londoño, INTA’s Chief Representative Officer, Latin America and the Caribbean, who will be sharing interesting and important information about the upcoming virtual 2020 Annual Meeting & Leadership Meeting.

Guest Speakers:

  • Lori Schulman, INTA
  • Leon Sanchez Ambia, Fulton & Fulton SC and INTA member
  • Jose Luis Londoño, INTA

 Language: English

This is a free event.