Unfold the Mystery of the Brain…and Empower Your Team in These Turbulent Times, for a Successful Return to the Office

September 03, 2020

Virtual | September 3, 2020

We all have a different experience of the lockdown, but we certainly share one common denominator: we had to adapt, both our professional and personal lives, to find our “new normal.” What impact does this new normal have on you and your team? What challenges and lessons does it carry? What can behavioral neuroscience teach us to help us better integrate this new normal?

Get a chance to better understand your brain’s reaction to the lockdown. Learn useful tips and get equipped for an efficient and more serene working environment for you and your team whenever you return to the office!

INTA Human Resources Director Kelli Kombat will address some of the most pressing questions team leaders ask themselves with INTA Chief Representative Officer―Europe Hélène Nicora. Hélène is a team leader with two years of training in behavioral neuroscience.

You’ll be able to ask your own questions as well, to fully leverage neuroscience to help your team shape its new normal and be more resilient. Get ready for a successful return!


  • Kelli Kombat, INTA Human Resources Director
  • Hélène Nicora, INTA Chief Representative Officer―Europe

This webcast is free of charge and available to INTA members and non-members.

Please register by September 1, 2020.