INTA Advocates in East Africa

Published: October 1, 2018

On August 20, Tat-Tienne Louembe, INTA Representative, Africa, Middle East, and Intergovernmental Organizations, visited the key East African jurisdictions of Ethiopia and Kenya.

Following up on an INTA delegation to Kenya earlier this year, the trip was an opportunity to reiterate INTA’s commitment to working with government officials, private sector representatives, and members in this vital region.

Meetings with High-Level Officials in Kenya

In Kenya, discussions were held with senior officials at the Ministry of Trade and Industry on the fight against illicit trade and enhancement of the intellectual property (IP) infrastructure. A meeting was organized with the Honorable Aden Duale, Member of Parliament and Leader of the Majority at the National Assembly. Mr. Duale welcomed INTA’s outreach and expressed interest in furthering cooperation with the Association on awareness-raising activities and briefing lawmakers. He invited INTA to be the “brainbox” of the National Assembly on matters related to trademarks.

Mr. Louembe also held fruitful talks with Hermogene Nsegimana, Secretary General, African Organization for Standardization (ARSO) and Chairperson Pan African Quality Infrastructure, on ways to educate consumers on counterfeits and to protect and promote traditional African products in the area of traditional medicine. Mr. Louembe also met with members Lorna Mbatia (CFL Advocates, Kenya), Shem Otanga (Africa Legal Network, Kenya), and Hazel Okoth (Gikera & Vadgama, Kenya).

Engaging on IP Policy in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, at the Ministry of Science and Technology, Mr. Louembe met with Shumete Gizaw, State Minister of Research and Technology, and Ermias Yemane, Director of the Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office. The discussion revolved around INTA’s April comments on Ethiopia’s IP policy and the government’s constructive efforts in securing the rights of IP owners.

Next, Mr. Louembe met with Debebe Abebe, Manager, Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Activities. On the margins of the meetings, Mr. Louembe had the opportunity to visit the Digital Museum on the premises of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

INTA Representative Tat-Tienne Louembe supports the Association’s 510 members across Africa and the Middle East. In collaboration with the staff at INTA’s headquarters in New York City and Representatives Offices around the world, Mr. Louembe works on the Association’s policy, membership, marketing, and communications initiatives in these regions. To learn more about INTA’s activities in Africa and the Middle East, please contact Tat-Tienne Louembe at [email protected] .

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