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Member Resources
Quick-Start Trademark Chart

The Quick-Start Trademark Chart is an exclusive INTA member benefit. If your organization is a member of INTA, please use your username and password to login on the upper right corner of this screen. If you don't know your login information, or you would like to  learn more about the benefits of joining INTA, please contact Member Operations.

Launch your trademark research with the Quick-Start Trademark Chart by getting quick answers to your preliminary trademark questions and then linking through to INTA's online publications to expand your research.

The Quick-Start Trademark Chart provides "quick hit" answers to 18 frequently asked trademark questions across more than 120 jurisdictions.

Each response in the chart is derived from one of INTA's online databases: Country Guides , International Oppositions Guide , Trademark Cancellations , Practitioner's Guide to the Madrid Agreement and Madrid Protocol and Trade Dress.

Click through any response in the chart to view the related jurisdiction-specific information in the product from which the response is derived. Click on any question to get a printable chart showing the response to that question across all the available jurisdictions. Or, click on a country and get a printable chart showing all the available question responses for that country.
Questions Covered
  1. Is this jurisdiction “first-to-use” or “first-to-file”?
  2. What is the duration of a registration?
  3. What is the grace period for renewal?
  4. What is the initial renewal term for a mark? 
  5. Is proof of use required to renew a mark? 
  6. Is licensing of a registered mark permitted? 
  7. Is licensing of an application permitted?
  8. Is assignment of a registered mark permitted?
  9. Is assignment of an application permitted? 
  10. Is assignment in respect of part of the goods and services covered by a registration permitted? 
  11. Is assignment in respect of part of the goods and services listed in an application permitted? 
  12. Can multi-class applications be filed? 
  13. Is marking/notice required? 
  14. Is opposition available? If so, is it pre- or post-grant? 
  15. Is cancellation available? 
  16. Is non-use a ground for cancellation? 
  17. Is this jurisdiction a member of the Madrid Agreement and/or the Madrid Protocol?
  18. What types of intellectual property law can potentially protect trade dress?